Vans of Berlin x MYVAN: The Mercedes-Benz 407 D

In cooperation with “Vans of Berlin”, MYVAN presents the Mercedes-Benz 407 D in every color and variation – on the streets of Berlin itself.

Mercedes-Benz 407 D

Currywurst, little traffic light men and hipsters in colorful street-side cafés – Berlin is famous for many things. Yet the Instagram account “Vans of Berlin” proves that the German capital is also an attractive location for van enthusiasts. The account presents photos from vans in all colors and variations, in a vast array of different locations on the capital’s streets. In cooperation with the Instagram channel, MYVAN presents an image gallery of the Mercedes-Benz L 407 as the first part of a series. The van owes its name to its production location in Düsseldorf. Up until 1986, around 540,000 units of the popular van were produced there. The various versions of the “Düsseldorf Transporter” have a vast range of applications. Available as a panel van, flatbed or minibus, the van was often used as a fire service or construction vehicle. Today, the L 407 D remains an iconic vehicle and extremely popular. Its tireless diesel engine makes the van the ideal partner and a home on wheels for long journeys. If using the van as a mobile home is nothing exceptional, then the 407 D can also be converted into a mobile photo booth like the one operated by Cliff McLane.

Are you interested in the story behind the “Vans of Berlin”? Click here for an interview with Linnart Unger, the man who runs the Instagram channel:


Speed is a foreign concept for this orange Mercedes-Benz 407 D. In contrast, consciously driving and experiencing the journey is the motto of this adventure on the way to Nagorno-Karabakh.

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Overview of the L 407
Manufacturer Daimler-Benz AG
Production period 1967–1986
Production site Düsseldorf
Predecessor model L 319
Successor model T2
Designs Panel van, Flatbed, Minibus
Engines Diesel engines:
2,0–5,6 liter,
40–96 kW (55–130 hp) Gasoline engines: 2,0–2,3 liter,
59–64 kW (80–87 hp)

Vans of Berlin
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