Vans of Berlin x MYVAN: The Mercedes-Benz Hymer Camper Van

In cooperation with the Instagram channel “Vans of Berlin”, we present you a photo gallery from the German capital on the Spree River featuring Hymer camper vans based on the Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Hymer Camper Van

Whether an impressive Unimog or the legendary “Düsseldorf Transporter” – Linnart Unger has discovered and photographed them all on the streets of Berlin. The photographer and founder of the colorful Instagram channel “Vans of Berlin” is famous for his many photos of classic vans. In cooperation with the channel, MYVAN presents the fifth part of the series, an image gallery of Mercedes-Benz vehicles converted into Hymer camper vans. In 1971, the family-owned company headed by Erwin Hymer began the series production of motorhomes based on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Various models were utilized as a base vehicle. This includes the 206 D, 308 D, 309 D or 410 D. The most famous combination is the “Hymermobil” based on the L 508 D transporter. The long-standing partnership between Hymer and Mercedes-Benz continues today. Hymer’s strength lies in its “integrated camper vans”. These vehicles are equipped with an independent body which also includes the driver’s cabin. Numerous new model variants have been produced up until today, including models based on the Sprinter. The older models on display in our photo gallery all have their own unique charm.

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The diverse colours and shapes of the so-called “Düsseldorfer” let the viewer travel back in time.

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