Vans of Berlin x MYVAN: The Mercedes-Benz O 309

In cooperation with the Instagram channel “Vans of Berlin”, we present you a photo gallery from the German capital on the Spree River featuring the Mercedes-Benz O 309.

Mercedes-Benz O 309

The historical vans that the photographer Linnart Unger discovers in the German capital are as varied as Berlin itself. He runs the Instagram channel “Vans of Berlin” on which he posts his photos of the colorful classic vans. In cooperation with the channel, MYVAN presents the third part of the series, an image gallery of the Mercedes-Benz O 309. Daimler-Benz AG launched the minibus in 1967, based on the L 408. It was available in a variety of variants including two or three door models and with various wheelbases. The basic O 309 model provided seating for the driver and 17 passengers. The version launched in 1979 was wider and higher and had space for 26 passengers. Its spacious design made this variant of the O 309 the highest selling bus version. The cubic shape characterized the O309. The minibus saw a variety of different uses, serving as a school bus, hotel shuttle, large taxi, or as a transport vehicle for clubs.

Overview of the O 309
Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz AG
Production period: 1967 – 1987
Production site: Düsseldorf
Predecessor model: O 319
Successor model: O 609
Designs: Minibus
Wheelbase: 2,950 – 4,100 mm
Engines: Diesel engines:
47 – 62 kW (65 – 85 hp)

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The Mercedes-Benz O 319 entered into mass production with the L 319 in 1956 and became a symbol of the economic miracle.

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Mercedes-Benz O 319

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