10. April 2017
Annalise Murphy: Aiming for gold in her Vito premium
When it comes to sailing Annalise Murphy is one of the best in the world. The Mercedes-Benz Vito Mixto supports the 27-year-old Irishwoman in her preparations for big international tournaments.
19. January 2017
Cold start in Sweden: a visit to the training camp for sled dogs premium
In the Swedish town of Flötningen/Idre, Michael Hess trains with his pack of Siberian Huskies for long-distance dog sled races. Always with him: a Sprinter 4x4.
26. November 2016
Kennel deluxe – the Mercedes-Benz Vito as a hunting hound van premium
Swedish hunting geeks are quite competitive. That’s why Roger Olofsson put a lot of effort into customizing a Mercedes-Benz Vito for himself and his dogs.
25. September 2016
Pretty steep: Extreme Alpine Soccer with the Sprinter 4×4 premium
A group of Austrian footballers has invented a new extreme sport: „Extreme Alpine Soccer“. This is rumoured to be football at its toughest, as it’s only played on the steepest slopes.
10. September 2016
Up, up and away: Double Sprinter power for a balloon ride company premium
Those who want to take to the air need 100% reliable equipment. That is why a balloon ride company from North Rhine-Westphalia relies on the Sprinter 4x4 from Mercedes-Benz.
15. August 2016
Partners on wheels: Cannondale & Vito premium
The sales team from the bicycle manufacturer Cannondale always remains mobile thanks to the Vito from the CharterWay fleet. The Vito always accompanies the bike experts from Bavaria as a field force vehicle.