22. February 2018
The 10 best travel apps for a road trip you won’t forget. premium
Fancy living for the moment and seeing what comes your way? These 10 apps ensure minimal planning effort - but maximum road-trip fun - no matter what the situation.
21. February 2018
Snowed in: winter camping in the van with freerider Markus Ascher premium
Markus Ascher has converted his old Mercedes-Benz fire truck into a winter camper van. The Austrian freerider roams about in it in the Alps. His route: wherever he can find new snow.
18. February 2018
Scandinavia in the MB 100: Road trip to freedom premium
The Scandinavian countryside took Andreas’ breath away from the beginning - and that’s why he always returns. His companion: the MB 100.
17. February 2018
Up and away – The perfect road trip preparation. premium
We love van life! That is why we take you with us on a journey. But first, you and your camper van have to be properly prepared for the next road trip. These are our tips!
11. February 2018
Short vacation, road trip or van life: which van is the right one? premium
Whether a short trip, vacation or van life, whether Hymer, Sprinter, Marco Polo, Vito or Citan – The Mercedes-Benz cosmos offers the right van for every need and type of traveler. But which one is the right one?
20. January 2018
The most famous Mercedes-Benz van conversions premium
To feel at home in the van the vehicle has to fulfill extensive requirements. High time to get creative when developing your van. The most famous Mercedes-Benz van conversions show you how it is done.