Mercedes-Benz at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2015

The highlights of the Caravan Salon

Travel enthusiasts and camping fans need to remember the following dates: 29th August to 6th September. This is when the world’s largest camping vehicle show takes place in Düsseldorf – the Caravan Salon, which attracts 170,000 visitors every year. Mercedes-Benz Vans has a strong presence at the event: in addition to the Marco Polo and Marco Polo ACTIVITY, the Vito is another highlight at the Mercedes-Benz booth this year. Because of its safety, spaciousness and comfort, the Vito is the perfect vehicle base for customized camper van bodies. For the first time, other body manufacturers are presenting their products at the Mercedes-Benz booth. These include Neureuther or Terra Camper, which both build on the all-wheel drive Vito.

The "MultiCamper" from Terra Camper and Mercedes-Benz is just one of the attractive new models

A further highlight: the pop-up roof developed by the renowned body manufacturer C. F. Maier offers travellers maximum comfort and space.

The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo was a highlight at the Caravan Salon 2014

Dream vacation

With the customized SCA pop-up roof from C.F. Maier, a dream vacation is destined to happen. With its flat contour the roof merges perfectly into the Vito’s silhouette. A roof spoiler on the windscreen guarantees the optimum visual and aerodynamic transition. A completely pre-assembled pop-up roof makes it easier for camper van manufacturers to adapt the base model, such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The high scissor lifts used to raise and lower the sleeping roof offer even greater legroom than the previous solution. As such, the sleeping camper has a 25 cm larger area than before. The bed, with its high-quality surface and aluminium frame, provides even greater comfort when sleeping.

The SCA pop-up roof offers travellers more space when sleeping

Get in and enjoy the comfort

Hymer, the caravan and campervan manufacturer, is also present at the Mercedes-Benz booth. Hymer and Mercedes-Benz have been cooperating closely since 1971. The Hymer ML-T and Hymer ML-I not only feature the innovative Crosswind Assist developed by Mercedes-Benz but also base their camper van bodies on the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The interior fittings, in particular, offer travellers luxurious standards reminiscent of an elegant hotel room. These include the lowerable bed or the heated double floor. Hymer is also presenting additional furnishing concepts for camper vans with a design study.

The Mercedes-Benz Hymer V-Class

All of the models will be at the Mercedes-Benz booth at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in hall 16, booth D18. Mercedes-Benz also offers an interactive virtual 3D experience with the help of VR goggles from Oculus.

The interiors of the Hymer ML-T and Hymer ML-I are reminiscent of an elegant hotel room

The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety. It´s equally impressive as a Tourer or a Panel Van. If you need to transport people and goods at the same time, you will find that the Crew is a reliable professional.