Across England with Quirky Campers

A wooden paneled camper van from Quirky Campers

Anyone who has dreamed of a trip in a custom made camper van has come to the right place with Quirky Campers. How Lindsay and David Berresford’s business model conquered England. We’ll try and explain.

Market niche to business idea

They are engineers, circus artists, postwomen or entrepreneurs but all have one thing in common: these different types of people made their lovingly converted vans available to the company Quirky Campers. Quirky Campers is the world’s only agent for custom made camper vans. Founder, Lindsay Berresford struck a chord with her business model. It all started a few years ago when Lindsay and her husband David wanted to travel to Kenya for six months. They could neither take their van “Bella” with them nor did they want to sell it. So the two decided to rent “Bella” but realized that there was no agency that did this. Lindsay and David, who had always received a lot of compliments for their converted van, were aware of the potential of their business idea, and indeed renting “Bella” was so successful that Lindsay and David soon started to look around for more camper vans.

Inside one of the custom made Quirky Campers

From vintage finds and velvet curtains

The camper vans that Lindsay and David offer as Quirky Campers on their website have to meet a few requirements: they should be handcrafted and unique and their style should be consistent. The level of craftsmanship should also be high. As far as the equipment is concerned, the owners have no limits. “Each owner decides for himself where to place the focus,” explains Lindsay. “There are vans with shower and toilet, others save this space for another bed,” said the 32-year-old entrepreneur. Many of the lovingly designed campers also have small peculiarities. These are, for example, red velvet curtains or sinks made of copper, brass fittings or an old wood stove. Exactly these details make the Quirky Campers so popular among customers.


Constance was originally the van of the health care provider “Alliance Healthcare”. In 2014, Lindsay and David bought the Sprinter and converted it within a year to the beautiful camper van, which it is today. In the meantime, it travels with all sorts of guests and discovers the most beautiful corners of Cornwall.

Model Sprinter
Maximum speed 110 km/ h
Dimensions 6.8 m (L) x 2 m (W) x 2.6 m (H)
Weight 3,500 kg
Seatbelts 5 seats with belt


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This exceptional Sprinter was developed by “Rustic Campers”, which specializes in wooden interiors. The high-quality wood paneling in the interior of the van is made of sustainable oak and chestnut, cut and sawn by “Rustic Campers”. The other furnishings are from the surrounding area and added to the van. The kitchen cabinets, for example, were once the floor of a Welsh chapel and the splash guard is part of an old oil tank. These details make Priscilla an exceptional, rustic Sprinter.

Model Sprinter LWB
Maximum speed 110 km/ h
Dimensions 6.95 m (L) x 2.45 m (W) x 2.9 m (H)
Weight 3,000 kg
Seatbelts 4 seats with belt

Unlimited mileage – unlimited freedom

Another reason for the success of Quirky Campers is the simplicity of the concept: the customer chooses the desired camper van via the website. It can filter the results, for example, according to the number of beds or equipment on-board. Afterwards, prices and availability are displayed and the pickup location is shown. “Customers often come directly from work and are stressed,” says Lindsay. “When they bring the van back they look relaxed and happy”. The customers do the most diverse things. From festival and adventure trips to relaxing beach holidays, everything is possible thanks to unlimited mileage. The response so far has been so good that Lindsay and David get new requests every day. In the coming year, they want to expand and offer Quirky Campers in Europe and at some point worldwide. They already have their eye on some exceptional vans and are convinced that their concept will also be well received outside of England.

Photos: Quirky Campers