Food truck for soul: The Smokin’ Roaster.

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A converted Mercedes-Benz L 406 D van and the passion for Surf & Turf food – The key ingredients for the Smokin' Roaster truck. Three Dutchmen have converted a former police van into a cult food truck with a lot of love for detail, blood, sweat and tears.

Front view of the Mercedes-Benz Foodtruck Smokin' Roaster

The Mercedes-Benz Foodtruck Smokin' Roaster driving on a road

The Smokin' Roaster logo

A man labels a blackboard with food on it.

“Please order” sign

A woman and an man laughing

A lighthouse at a harbour

A road to a beach

The 406 D sign at the Mercedes-Benz Smokin' Roaster Foodtruck

A man writes something on the business card of the Smokin' Roaster Foodtruck


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