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ToetToetFood: the database of food trucks.

A food truck is parked on the beach with customers all around

ToetToetFood enables food truck operators to easily and effectively generate orders.

A business for all the senses.

The cheese of Neapolitan pizzas caramelized in a rustic wood oven. The meat of handmade beef patties barbecued next to juicy red wine shallots on a close-meshed steel grill. A massamam curry cooked for several hours radiates hearty “umami aromas” in the air. “Do you smell it too,” asks Arjan de Hoon. “That’s why I do it,” he explains with a laugh. The Dutchman’s concept also worked this time. The three food trucks in the yard of a large Dutch medium-sized company are about to turn the company festivities into a street food festival.

Arjan de Hoon smiling in front of a graffiti wall

Arjan de Hoon appreciates working with his business partners.

The perfect working environment.

Arjan De Hoon’s business is to make this transformation possible. He serves, so to speak, as an intermediary between customers and his business partners. With ToetToetFood he has created a platform on which interested parties can find suitable food trucks for their event. What sounds like unromantic business-to-business work is an achievement for him. Perhaps it is because of the 38-year-old’s great culinary enthusiasm, or alternatively, the nature of his business partners. Because food truck owners usually have a special character: they have successfully escaped a life full of professional stress and dependency. “For me, these people are artists. Therefore bureaucratic activities generally are not priority one,” the entrepreneur explains.

I wanted to offer food truck operators a platform where they could be presented and booked.

Starting signal for a business idea.

Based on this observation, Arjan de Hoons and a friend developed a website four years ago. “I wanted to offer food truck operators a platform where they could be presented and booked,” he explains. Over time, from a simple idea, a colorful pool of different food truck genres developed. He calls it ToetToetFood – simply because it is fun. What is “tut tut food” supposed to mean? “I want people to smile when they hear our name,” he says. The 38-year-old brings more and more customers and mobile restaurateurs together with his carefree business sense. The smile will never end.

A man leaning against a green food truck

Hieper De Pieper offers Dutch fries.

Mobile gastronomy as a fixed pillar.

The smile of Toine Rops is also part of the history of the platform. The mobile restaurateur’s concept has become a fixed pillar of ToetToetFood’s diversity of genres. A huge banner is emblazoned on the roof of his food truck: “Ecopizza” is written in wooden letters. The name speaks for itself. Toine Rops sells handmade, Neapolitan organic pizzas out of a big van. The independent entrepreneur is one of many prime examples. In 2011, he fulfilled his life’s dream by converting an old Mercedes-Benz 609 D into a food truck. “This old van combined everything I had imagined: a hip retro look, combined with classic lines and, of course, more than reliable engine,” he explains. Nevertheless, that alone is not enough; Rops could not make a living from his business in the early days.

  • A food truck is parked on a square with people are standing around the van
  • A man cuts pizza in a food truck
  • A ready-baked pizza
  • Two men standing smiling in a food truck

A dream comes true.

When Toine Rops discovered ToetToetFood, everything changed: the booking tool gave him access to an extremely lucrative network. The orders accumulated. Then he realized that the money he had earned was enough to make a living. “Thanks to the platform, I am now largely active at corporate events and festivals,” he says. Would it have been possible to become self-employed without ToetToetFood? “Maybe. But it made it a lot easier for me to get started in my new life,” replies the food truck owner. In the background, you hear the sound of an incoming mail. “That could be a request from Arjan,” says Toine Rops. He gets up, opens the screen of his notebook and immediately grins.

A pizza food truck is ready to go

Many organizers use the special external effect of food trucks for their events.

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Photos: Ecopizza; ToetToetfood; Loeren Bij De Boeren

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