The Mercedes-Benz Vario as a rolling supermarket

Step in a Mercedes-Benz Vario and start shopping. “Lemke’s rolling supermarket” offers a selection of products that you need every day, right at your doorstep.

Strawberries and toilet paper – offered in the Mercedes-Benz Vario

The horn honks three times and the engine of the imposing white and orange Mercedes-Benz Vario switches off. Soon people begin to come out of their houses, eager to discover what the supermarket on wheels has to offer. This sunny June day has brought beautiful strawberries, so Lemke has selected piecrust dough to go with it, knowing it will make a delicious dessert for his customers’ tables. He started at three o’clock in the morning to hand-pack fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products as well as other food and non-food everyday essentials, offering a total range of over two thousand items. His Vario left the warehouse at eight o’clock in the morning and will serve eight villages today. “If the people don’t come to the market, we have to bring the market to the people”, he says. “Rolling supermarkets” cover the entire German territory, with a great added value: they know exactly what customers want because they meet them personally dozens of times a day.

Lemke’s rolling supermarket consists of sixteen vans in total. They leave the depot at 8 a.m. and are on the road until around 4 p.m.

“Everything I packed today will be sold today”

Lemke points out, proud of having a higher inventory turnover than the big players in the grocery sector. He founded his “rolling supermarket” over thirty years ago, with the aim of making life easier for less mobile people and eliminating the stress of finding a parking space in crowded urban centers. The business now serves three federal states in Germany, employing thirty-eight store managers who are more than merely drivers. They are in charge of choosing their product ranges, placing their orders, loading their vans and selling their products. So skillfully that at the end of the day their Mercedes-Benz Vario return to the depot empty. “All our products are best-sellers”, Lemke adds.

Mercedes-Benz Vario als rollender Supermarkt

With nearly two-meter high ceilings and a total surface of twelve square meters, the Vario are ready for a real customer experience.

Customers are welcome to walk through the six-meter long van

With nearly two-meter high ceilings and a total surface of twelve square meters, the Vario are ready for a real customer experience. “It is self-service in our vans”, Lemke explains. The fleet of sixteen Mercedes-Benz vans was customized using his know-how: metal shelves arranged like in a regular supermarket and even refrigerated compartments for frozen-food. The Vario have enough space for a product range from shoe brushes to curd cheese and enough power for a total weight of 7.4 tonnes. Having last renewed his fleet twenty years ago, Lemke’s rolling supermarket has been using the Vario since 1975. They were very sad when Mercedes-Benz announced that it was going to cease producing their beloved van in 2013. Let us hope they surprise us all with an even better alternative!

Mercedes-Benz Vario 816 D Seitenansicht

Lemke’s rolling supermarket in numbers

Founded in


People working


Number of Mercedes-Benz Vario


Average products sold day/van


Villages visited day/van


Stops day/van

50 to 60

Number of customers day/van

Around 100

Fold in
Fold out

Lemke’s rolling supermarket vans


Mercedes-Benz Vario 816D


6.5 meters


2.3 meters


2.2 meters


4.2 meters


7.5 tonnes



Fold in
Fold out

Five days a week, Lemke’s Mercedes-Benz Vario drives through eight villages to bring his choice of daily products to the people.

Photos: Lemke´s rollender Supermarkt

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