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With a bike through Cape Town – the Vito is used by Up Cycles.

Both big and small can ride along the Cape Town coast

With a bike along the seaside: the young businessman Jared took advantage of this dreamlike route and founded his rental company Up Cycles.

The colonial era meets modernity in Cape Town.

Surrounded by sandy beaches and Table Mountain, the pulsating metropolis of Cape Town is located on the southern tip of the African continent. Here in the beating heart of South Africa, modern hotels, shopping centers and bars blend with old colorful colonial houses. Tourists from all over the world stroll along the beach promenade. The fact that Cape Town is also diverse in terms of mobility is ensured by a young South African named Jared. He founded his bicycle rental firm Up Cycles – directly on the Cape Town promenade, at Seapoint Pavilion. So he makes it possible for tourists and locals to explore Cape Town’s coast by bike or by roller skates.

Orange bicycles in the Mercedes-Benz Vito from Up Cycles

Ample room for bikes: The Mercedes-Benz Vito from Up Cycles in Cape Town.

Through Cape Town on two wheels.

The service has proved very popular with both city dwellers and tourists and now there are four stations where bicycles can be rented and handed in. But Jared cannot run his rental business using bikes alone. That is why he has the Vito. Jared appreciates the spaciousness and reliability of the van from Mercedes-Benz, which he uses to transport bicycles from station to station. These stations from Up Cycles are located along the Cape Town beach promenade and give tourists the opportunity to enjoy their beach experience or their sightseeing tour on two wheels. Even locals looking for exercise and fresh air or those who just want to get from A to B quicker gladly use the service.

Two employees are waiting for customers in a station of Up Cycles

Fun at work, the employees of the bike rental company Up Cycles. There are now four stations on Cape Town’s coast.

Sailors called the city “Cape of Storms”.

The longest route between the Up Cycles’ stations runs from Camps Bay along the coast to the city center. The twelve kilometer cycle path route is lined with large parks, public art and historical sites. For example, you can see the wreck of the RMS Athens, which fell victim to treacherous rocks and strong waves in 1865 and gave the region the name “Cape of Storms” among sailors.

Our route is probably the safest one in the city.

A bicycle from Up Cycles on the coast of Cape Town

Orange – this color shows the bicycles of Up Cycles from Cape Town.

An idea migrates from Bangkok to Cape Town.

But back to Jared – how did you get the idea of starting a bicycle rental firm? “I’ve always liked riding bicycles,” says the charismatic South African. “When I toured Bangkok on a rented bike, I said to myself, we need something like this in Cape Town.” The problem: Cape Town is not suitable for cyclists in many places. “The roads are quite dangerous and there are hardly any protected bike paths,” explains Jared. “Our route is probably the safest one in the city.” He also calls for the city to improve infrastructure for the bicycles, because Jared wants more people in Cape Town to discover the advantages of riding a bike.

The Vito as breakdown helper.

For each new station Jared built along the coast, there were also new logistical challenges to master. That is why he bought a Mercedes-Benz Vito. Aside from transporting bicycles, he also uses the van to help customers in case of a breakdown and equip them with a new bike. “We chose the Vito because of the quality of Mercedes-Benz,” says Jared. “In addition, the Vito has a great load capacity.” For large quantities of bicycles, Jared uses an additional bike carrier, which he attaches to the trailer coupling. Together with the generous cargo space of the Vito, the individual distribution stations are equipped to meet the needs of the customer.

The Cape Town promenade on a sunny day with cyclists enjoying the coast.

A wonderful sight: The coast of Cape Town. Here, Jared founded his bike rental company in 2012.

Photos: Up Cycles

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