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Craft Circus – Manufacture of spirits and drinks.

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Handmade spirits, wines and cocktail sets directly from the manufacturer: At Craft Circus everything revolves around the special experience at the end of the day.

The perfect after-work experience.

It is late afternoon at the port of Hamburg and the sun is about to turn the scenery of containers and cargo ships a bright orange. Friends Lupo, Julian and Basti are about to move a mobile bar out of their van. Just a few fresh ingredients are required and the bar is ready to serve in a jiffy. Shortly afterwards the guests arrive. The three founders of Craft Circus have organized an exclusive tasting of their spirits and wines – and regularly create a very special experience.

The participants at the tasting at Hamburg harbor with the Vito in the background

With their mobile bar, Craft Circus create an unforgettable after-work experience.

Passion turned into a profession.

During their time at university, Lupo Porschen, Julian Fichtl and Basti Fischer not only shared the same private interests, but also pursued similar professional goals: They wanted to start their own business. In the living room of their shared flat in Hamburg, the starting shot for the start-up was finally fired in 2014. Julian’s father lived at a winery in Rhineland-Palatinate, which was his first contact with the beverage industry. Trips to the vineyards have given them the taste for hand-selected wine in the truest sense of the word. “Today we have turned our passion into our profession and work full-time as friends and business partners in our small gourmet establishment,” Basti sums up.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito from Craft Circus driving along an avenue

The start-up Craft Circus has made a name for itself as one of the most innovative manufacturers in Germany.

Exceptional drinks directly from the manufacturer.

At this winery, an exquisite schnapps of wine distillate had already served in the past. However, the fine digestive only came to the table privately for special occasions. Today, some 25 years later, “The Wolf” is a new edition of this extraordinary digestive. The name is a tribute to the father Wolfgang, without whom the boys of Craft Circus would not have dared to take the decisive step towards independence so quickly. But why Craft Circus? Craft stands for the handmade aspect; Circus describes the lifestyle of the founders, who have traveled a considerable part of this world. Being able to work independently and flexibly is still very important to them. That is why they decided against renting an office. The work is wherever they happen to be.

We attach great importance to handmade things.

Handmade spirits and wines directly from the manufacturer.

What makes Craft Circus products unique is that they come directly from the manufacturer. “We manufacture unique enjoyable products according to recipes and methods we have developed ourselves, which have been created in elaborate cooperation with restaurateurs. First and foremost is the excellent flavor.” Particular importance is attached to the quality of the handmade products. In addition, the high standards of both the design and the story behind each brand must be in tune. “Each brand tells a story from our lives or reflects our character,” explain the entrepreneurs.

  • Lime juice is squeezed into a drink
  • Julian, co-founder of Craft Circus, prepares drinks at the mobile bar
  • The founders of Craft Circus chat with the Vito in the foreground
  • A bottle of Bottle Post Gin with the inscription

Distinctive brands with personality and story.

The product portfolio currently includes three different brands: THE WOLF digestive, BIRDS Adventure and the Bottle Post Gin. Each brand has its own individual character, but in their hearts they are all similar – just like the founders themselves. The world traveler feeling also resonates in all their products: With BIRDS wines, for example, they have created a modern lifestyle brand that combines German wine making style with character from all over the world. Both spirits and wines are lovingly handmade and bottled in small batches.

Three BIRD brand wine bottles are positioned in a wine box

With the BIRD line Craft Circus have created modern wines for every moment.

Enjoyment as a way of life.

The core areas of Craft Circus are composed of product development, brand building, online shop, events and catering. The founders pay special attention to local tastings. In this way, the young entrepreneurs want to provide consumers with face-to-face information on the production of their products and give them inspiration to prepare them at their local bar. Their mission is to make every moment a special experience.

The participants of the tasting raise a toast with their drinks

The goal of Craft Circus: To make every moment of enjoyment an extraordinary experience with friends.

With the Mercedes-Benz Vito to the perfect after-work experience.

Always in the Vito is a mobile bar that can be set up flexibly within a few minutes. “As we offer premium products, Mercedes-Benz was our first choice. The Vito represents our brand and our mobile bar fits in perfectly.” A lot has happened since the foundation: The exceptional products of the company are now available in seven countries. And what should the future bring? “We want to become an inspirational when it comes to enjoyment and unusual drinks at the end of the day. We also plan to launch additional products and expand our Craft Circus family.”

The Craft Circus recommendations:

  • BIRDS Adventure: Ideally mixed as “GERMAN MULE” (4cl BIRDS, 2cl lime juice, 15cl ginger beer). Or with Tonic Water as “BIRDS TONIC” (4cl BIRDS, 15cl Tonic Water). For the more experienced, a “BIRDS SOUR” (4cl BIRDS, 3cl lemon juice, 1.5cl sugar syrup) is the right choice.
  • BIRDS & TONIC: Fill glass with ice cubes. Add 40ml BIRDS Adventure. Add 150ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.
  • THE WOLF is the ideal way to round off a perfect dinner. Preferably in a Nosing glass – pure and at room temperature.

Basti, co-founder of Craft Circus, explains something about the drinks to the participants of the tasting

Special events: At tastings, Craft Circus drinks can be enjoyed on site.

Lupo Porschen is working on the laptop that he has placed on the Vito's hood

Mobile office: The life ethos of young entrepreneurs is also reflected in the flexible workplace.

Two bottles of BIRDS Adventure spirits are placed on the mobile bar

BIRDS Adventure is a craft spirit with ingredients from five continents.

The founders of Craft Circus prepare drinks at their mobile bar

Craft Circus is a modern platform for handmade spirits & drinks.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito from Craft Circus drives on a country road

With the Vito, the start-up transports its premium beverages to its customers.

Drinks are garnished with fresh raspberries

The spirits, wines and cocktail sets from the online shop are ideal for enjoyment at the end of the day.

Lupo Porschen, co-founder of Craft Circus sits at the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz Vito

Lupo Porschen fulfilled his dream of his own start-up in 2014 together with his university friends.

Photos: Tim Wendrich

More Links to explore:, Craft Circus @ Facebook, Craft Circus @ Instagram, Craft Circus @ YouTube


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