15. June 2017
Industrial climbers with nerves of steel premium
A head for heights: with their dangerous work at extreme heights, the industrial climbers from Proseil need nerves of steel and the support of Sprinter and Vito.
10. August 2016
How to build a house in 19 months premium
Manny Neves from Hardcore Renos presents his mammoth project: building a complete house in 19 months. The Sprinter is the perfect toolbox here.
8. August 2016
A van with depth: the Sprinter 4×4 as a mobile measuring station premium
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter belonging to the geologist Walter Beck contains all of the equipment he needs to assess the quality of wells – down to a depth of 600 meters.
4. June 2016
Safety Step helps with loading and unloading the Sprinter premium
The master joiner Michael Wirth fell in love with his Sprinter at first sight. But not with the high loading sill. That is why he invented a special step – the Safety Step.
4. April 2016
And action: A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for drones premium
Microdronespictures films complex stunts for film productions from the air using state-of-the-art camera technology. Remotely controlled from a Sprinter.
7. March 2016
A superlative expo: Bauma 2016 premium
This year the Bauma once again attracts visitors with spectacular vehicles for every aspect of the construction industry.