24. January 2016
Hollister’s Motorcycles: A dream of chrome and steel premium
At the end of the 1980s, Volker Sichler founded Germany's first motorcycle manufactory in the idyllic Black Forest. Hollister’s Motorcycles has gone on to become an absolute insider tip among motorbike enthusiasts all over the world.
9. December 2014
The master cooper of barrels premium
The cooper's profession still exists. Ralf Mattern is the embodiment of the true traditional German trade with his barrel manufactory. Business is thriving. Everything would be perfect. But...
20. August 2014
The bagpipe maker from Ireland premium
Legend says that those who are skilled with the Irish bagpipes have power over people. Almost no other instrument expresses such a range of emotions. Ray Sloan builds these emotionally seductive instruments.
22. April 2014
Boat building in Japan premium
Traditional boat building in Japan is a carefully preserved art form. However, there is a lack of young artisans. That is why the American, Douglas Brooks, is doing everything he can to breathe new life into the traditional craft.
18. March 2014
The Watchmaker premium
On the Isle of Man, Roger W. Smith creates award-winning masterpieces of traditional watchmaking.
4. March 2014
Handcraft with a denim look premium
There is a pair of jeans in many wardrobes. Mike Hodis guarantees the original quality. He keeps the classic handcraft alive and manufactures products using antique sewing machines.