L 319

19. October 2016
Stylish service: the L 319 as the ambassador for a dealership premium
Even after over 50 years, an Mercedes-Benz L 319 is still doing its job as a service mobile for a dealership.
3. May 2016
L 319 nostalgia: the most beautiful models in one place premium
Twice a year the members of the 319 club with their historical treasures meet up for a very special gathering in northern Germany.
26. March 2016
A Mercedes-Benz L 319 for a family of bus enthusiasts premium
When Nitja, Ralf and their three children set out on vacation, they are always accompanied by an "old man" named Elliot. This Mercedes-Benz L 319 is simply part of the family.
1. March 2016
A L 319 firetruck with a lot of history premium
A village pools expenses to restore the old L 319 from the voluntary fire brigade. With total success: The L 319 continues to faithfully serve as a fire engine.
5. August 2015
The L 319-Project with Lina: Part III premium
While Neil completes the paint work of the L 319, Lina overhauls the engine and grants the vehicles’ finishing.
22. January 2013
The Son of the L 319 premium
The L 408, also known as the Düsseldorf transporter, is an icon like its forerunner. For decades the vehicle was essential for many companies as a valiant and reliable companion.