17. February 2018
Up and away – The perfect road trip preparation. premium
We love van life! That is why we take you with us on a journey. But first, you and your camper van have to be properly prepared for the next road trip. These are our tips!
11. February 2018
Short vacation, road trip or van life: which van is the right one? premium
Whether a short trip, vacation or van life, whether Hymer, Sprinter, Marco Polo, Vito or Citan – The Mercedes-Benz cosmos offers the right van for every need and type of traveler. But which one is the right one?
5. February 2018
what3words – three words will navigate you into the future. premium
Mobility with what3words is as easy as this: you get into your vehicle, say a combination of words – and will be navigated to the desired destination with greater precision than by means of any street address or GPS-coordinate.
19. January 2018
Pannek seine Budike: Berlin cuisine from a food truck premium
“Eisbein” pork sandwich food truck style: With Pannek seine Budike, Thorsten Pannek is fulfilling a career dream - interpreting Berlin cuisine in his own very special way.
18. December 2017
Following in the footsteps of the Mount Everest adventurers with the Sprinter premium
The Sprinter proves why it is the perfect companion in the wilderness and on long journeys as it travels throughout America, loaded with kayaks and books.
17. December 2017
Out and about in Australia in a Wirraway high-end motor home, based on the Sprinter premium
Wirraway motor homes: Great quality, simple steering and the result of the tailor-made work of a small Australian company.