MyJob MyVan

10. December 2016
MY JOB MY VAN: mobile CLASS workshop for agricultural machinery premium
Help needs to come quickly if a piece of CLAAS agricultural machinery breaks down… Martin Brodmann and his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dash to the rescue.
13. February 2016
MY JOB MY VAN: On the road on Tenerife in the Vito premium
Seven islands, 3500 vending machines and the Mercedes-Benz Vito: FSV Vending ensures that the machines run 24/7.
12. November 2015
MY JOB MY VAN: On South Tyrol’s construction sites with the Sprinter premium
Steep roads, tall mountains and construction emergencies: In South Tyrol, Niederstätter relies on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to repair construction machinery on site.
20. October 2015
MY JOB MY VAN: The chimney sweep Citan premium
As a chimney sweep Michael Hügel ensures that heating systems and chimneys work safely. His Mercedes-Benz Citan with the customized fitting from Aluca helps him.
27. February 2014
A strong partner premium
Performance, versatility and efficiency - These are the key factors for a small van. No problem at all for the Citan.
17. March 2013
Stars of the Trades: Mercedes-Benz searches for the most creative van lettering premium
This year the "Stars of the Trades" competition is once again searching for the most attractive vehicle lettering among the trades. The winner receives a new Mercedes-Benz Vito.