O 319

28. June 2016
The success story of the Mercedes-Benz L 319 premium
In over 100 years the transporter has undergone rapid developments and was always directed to meet the needs of users: from the first pick-up over to the L 319, L 407, L 408, T1 and TN until finally to the Sprinter, Vito and Citan.
11. June 2016
Van profile: Mercedes-Benz O 319 premium
The Mercedes-Benz O 319 entered into mass production with the L 319 in 1956 and became a symbol of the economic miracle.
29. July 2015
A Mercedes-Benz O 319 oldtimer-bus named Willi premium
A beautifully restored Mercedes-Benz O 319 named Wilhelm fascinates the guests of the first vintage automobile hotel.