Caravan Salon 2012: Our Top 3

This year’s motto “Discover Your World” invited the visitors into the fair halls.

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Into the hustle and bustle! That was the saying at the beginning of the Caravan Salon 2012 on the last weekend in Düsseldorf. This year’s motto “Discover Your World” invited the visitors into the fair halls and they came across several eye catchers. At the Mercedes-Benz booth a Sprinter was presented with a special surprising moment: At the first sight it looked like a normal van but taking a closer look it turned out to be a mixture of a caravan, a van and an ambulance service. Thus, the Sprinter presented itself as a very impressive all-in-one model. When strolling through the halls Holiday feeling emerged very quickly and children became passionate surfers at the Mercedes-Benz booth due to an installed surf board. The numerous caravans in the big halls were a motivation for planning the next camping holidays. One of the attention seeker was another special team: a 65 Ford Mustang GT and a trailed airbus, a “silver streak clipper”. Between this bustle our MYVAN team was in search of the best highlights of the exhibition. Here is our Top 3 of the Caravan Salon 2012:

The adhesive solar modules for vans

„Leeet the sunshiine, leet the sunshine in” - with the help of solar modules it is now possible to generate electricity in an easy way for motorhomes. Huge and bulky systems are not needed anymore because there are ultra-flat solar modules from Büttner Elektronik that can be sticked on the roof of a van or a caravan. The solar plant generates electric power in 12 or 14 volt and thereby the board battery is also loaded self-reliantly. In past times, also television crews appreciated this solar plant. According to Büttner Elektronik they travelled around the world for months with these systems, no matter which extreme temperatures. The possibility to safe energy for the next Tuscany trip with the private caravan reached the 3rd place of our Top 3!

The clever video security system

Big van, no view: a lot of accidents happen because dangerous hindrances are seen too late or even don’t appear in the driver’s focus. At the Caravan Salon a new system that can solve this problem was presented. The iAVM-system from the company Mobiline makes it possible to get an all-round view of the car with the help of four cameras on the outside. A specific technology calculates the typical fish eye effect. A monitor in the interior shows the optimized all-round view. The danger alarm system is connected with the car’s signals. If the driver wants to back off, the rear end camera shows the view behind the car and if the driver activates the turn signal a side view is shown. “When the driver wants to change to the right lane then the system detects that there is a car that wants to overtake and due to the direction of the turn signal the system recognizes possible danger. If it’s necessary the driver receives a warning on the monitor”, comments Jürgen David, CEO of Mobiline. Of course, the existence of rear end cameras is nothing new but: “Due to the all-round view hindrances on the side can be detected and thus accidents can be avoided”, says David. This system is innovative and will enhance the safety in the traffic: 2nd place.

The sport action bus

Little flags are waving in the wind, children are laughing, and there is sun and music: on the area between the halls a little leisure park is constructed. A bouncy castle, face painting for children, a trailer with a climbing wall and an integrated labyrinth are arranged outside. The blue “sport action bus” stands right in front of the park. The van and the trailer carry a mobile youth camp. The blue Sprinter drives around between some schools in Düsseldorf, social boiling points and other events like the Caravan Salon. The bus was a project of the Düsseldorf city’s sports association and was used for violence prevention. “This is our tenth year with the bus”, says Artur Zielinski, the team leader of the sport action bus. “At the beginning it was only a little project but now we are an approved youth facility.” The bus brings a lot of joy for the children and beyond that it has a very positive effect too. Enough reasons for us to put the sport action bus on the 1st place in our ranking list.

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