The best inexpensive photo hacks.

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For an unusual photo do you also need expensive equipment? Not at all! With these photo hacks, you can easily take spectacular shots - and best of all, you're sure to have the things you need at home.

Tips and tricks for the perfect photo.

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced photographer: Photography is an artistic craft that needs to be learned. But for exciting effects, exciting gimmicks of sharpness and blur as well as different color variations you don’t necessarily need a computer and the corresponding image processing software, with a few tricks you can achieve them yourself while taking the picture. If you want to try something new and at the same time deepen your photography knowledge without spending a lot of money, you will definitely enjoy the following hacks: Simple, inexpensive and fast.

A hammer hangs over a light bulb next to a camera

With only a little bit of money to the perfect photo – with these tips and tricks this is no problem!

The Bokeh hack.

The term “Bokeh” comes from Japanese and is a term used in photography. It stands for the blur area of an image and its quality: No matter whether triangle, heart or rectangle with the Bokeh hack you can create fascinating plays of light in your favourite form. What you need: A dark box, a ruler, tape and a cutter (but you can also use scissors). If you have these utensils ready, you can get started. First, cut a circle out of the box that should be about the size of your camera lens. Now mark the desired form in the middle and detach it cleanly. All you have to do now is attach your finished work to the lens with adhesive tape, i.e. in front of the lens – done! Before you start taking pictures, you should set your camera to a shutter speed to 1/200 with an aperture of f1.8 at ISO 320.

The sparks of a sparkler in circle form.

The Bokeh hack allows you to display light sources in your favorite form.

The transparent bag hack.

Photographing against the light is a challenge. But it is worth the effort because with special methods great gimmicks between light, shadow – and the radiation effect can develop. Anyone who has ever tried a portrait against the light should not be unfamiliar with the flattering rays of the sun with their gentle, softening effect. To improve this you can do this effect with a simple trick: The transparent bag hack. The best results are achieved by holding a transparent film or small bag in front of your lens with the aperture as open as possible – and you will get beautiful backlight photographs with little or no effort.

A girl standing on a railing at sunset

The radiant effect conjures the sun into your face – and gives the picture a warm, gentle tone.

The Vaseline hack.

Vaseline not only cares for your skin, but also provides great results in combination with a camera. The cream, consisting of solid and liquid hydrocarbons, gives your snapshots a natural vignette that can be used variably. For the Vaseline hack you will need: Tape, Vaseline (or a similarly greasy cream) and a suitable filter, for example an inexpensive UV filter. Then carefully brush it on the areas you want to make blurred in your image and attach it to the camera lens. Tip: It is best to clean the filter afterwards under warm and running water with a little liquid soap.

Flowers with vignette edge

With the Vaseline hack you can easily put a vignette around your picture.

The tights hack.

A journey back in time: The sepia effect is often seen in images that were originally black and white, but became brownish to cream-colored due to prolonged storage and exposure to UV light. Today, however, in addition to black and white photography, this representation is one of the best methods to enhance new motifs into old ones. To achieve this retro effect with your snapshot without any additional image processing, all you need is skin-colored tights or stockings. Then pull it over the camera lens – and you’re ready to go! In order to achieve the best possible result, take care to photograph with maximum aperture.

Some suitcases on a cart in front of a building

For a little digression into the past, a pair of stockings will do the trick.

The plastic bag hack.

Photography with flash often creates hard edges and often also causes overexposure. This changes with a very simple method: The use of a plastic bag. By putting a transparent bag over the flash, soft structures are created – with optimal illumination. With the plastic bag hack, it is in no way inferior to a professional photographer – and also saves a lot of money on expensive equipment.

A man standing in front of a concrete wall

You can soften the flash of your camera with a simple plastic bag.

Photos: Felix Schwarz, Stockphotos


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