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Travelling in a classic motorhome: Family holidays in Scandinavia – Part 2.

A motorhome drives through a forest

For the Nehrmanns, vacation means getting into their old vintage van. The second episode also shows why the family opted to travel in a van.

A day at the seaside.

The door of the camper opens and directs a bright light into the interior. Michael Nehrmann, his wife, Nadine and the two children Karla and Johan beam. As their eyes get used to the reflected light of the snow-white beach, they set themselves in motion. Packed with four large swimming towels, various catering utensils and a colorful selection of sand toys, they explore the unknown terrain. The perfect place for a day at the seaside on the Danish North Sea coast is quickly found. But nobody thinks about lying down. “Come, we’ll build a sandcastle,” Nadine says to her children.

A beige Hymer camper is parked on a white beach

Michael Nehrmann and his family make a stop at the Danish coast.

The temporary highlight.

For Michael and his wife, the mood of the offspring is the mood maker of every holiday. Their travels are therefore extremely varied. “The little ones love driving in the Hymer, they are always happy when the engine is started. That’s why we usually don’t stay in one place for long,” explains the father. For this reason, the first stop on the Scandinavia trip ends after just five days at a ferry port in Hirtshals, Denmark. The trip is to continue to Norway. Michael maneuvers the large Mercedes-Benz Hymer 540 safely onto the wide ship. The huge window on the camper’s passenger seat is taken over by two curious heads. Johan and sister Karla press their little noses against the cold glass. They are astonished. The ferry’s spacious parking area is the temporary holiday highlight of the two children.

Michael's tips for travelling in Scandinavia:

  1. Make use of the “Everyman Right” and sleep outside in nature.
  2. Drive slowly and carefully.
  3. Go hiking a lot.
  4. Be spontaneous and stick only to rough plans.
  5. Very important: Learn to fish. I didn’t do that, which was a big mistake.

Everybody’s having fun.

“We don’t expect our children to see things the way we do,” explains Michael, who has now spent three days in Norway with his family. That Johan and Karla would rather be back on the ferry even at a landmark point in the Scandinavian landscape is therefore perfectly understandable for both parents. A hike at the foot of the glacier in the beautiful Folgefonna National Park is therefore only an option for adults. This time it is Nadine who sets off alone. Michael, on the other hand, stays with the children. He breaks the ice literally when he tells them about bathing in the big glacier lake. A little later the father jumps into the cool water with his children. And so Johan and Karla finally arrive in Norway.

  • A glacial lake, in the background a wooded mountain landscape
  • An evening panorama in a national park
  • A motorhome drives at a ferry port

The mysterious berries.

The eighth day in Norway also makes it easy for the children to enjoy their holiday. The main item on the agenda today is collecting the mysterious cloudberry. Michael therefore steers the Hymer near Lake Heddersvatnet. The narrow waters are said to be home to a large collection of Nordic plants. When the family finds a suitable place to stop, they carefully park the van. A little later, the treasure hunt begins. After less than an hour, Johan and Karla are already holding countless shiny red berries in their hands. However, the great motivation of the two is dampened when the collected berries are tasted. “I think the Norwegians like the sour berries more than we do,” Nadine says with a smile.

The destination has been reached.

After eleven days in Norway, the last Scandinavian stage will begin. The arrival in Smaland at the Swedish relatives marks the big destination of the journey. The almost three weeks on the road now feel like a whole year. And the one constant is the beige, big classic motorhome. With it, parents and children drove through mysterious forests, stopped at lonely lakes and slept where they liked it best. What was already obvious for Michael and his wife is now also unmistakable for outsiders: Big, long journeys in a campervan with children are not only possible, they are wonderful.

A camper van is parked on a beach

Whenever the family likes a place, they park their camper and explore the area.

A little boy running into a lake

Johan appreciates the many bathing opportunities along the way.

A man rides a bicycle and simultaneously holds a swimming ring in his hand

Michael Nehrmann and his wife are fully committed to their children.

A woman and a small child bathing in a lake

Mother Nadine and daughter Karla bathe in a lake in Sweden.

A little boy is holding some red berries in his hand

Johan proudly holds the collected cloudberries in his hand.

A motorhome drives over a bridge in a forest

The beige Hymer 540 is also a real eye-catcher in the forests of Norway.


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