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Vanlife Communities – How and where you can meet like-minded vanlifers.

Two people stand on a coast with their Mercedes-Benz vans

The vanlife community is an inspiring group of long-term travelers. We show you how to participate in it.

Traveling together is important.

Similar to sports clubs, fan groups or hobby meetings, the supporters of the vanlife movement also form a large family: The vanlife community. What is it all about? The open exchange between travelers, the goodwill to help each other and the possibility to make new friends. After all, it can get lonely on the road without family and friends. If you are new to vanlife, however, the community can provide valuable tips for you. But how can you be a part of it? We have compiled an overview of different ways to meet like-minded enthusiasts.

View from above a campsite with swimming pools set against a mountain backdrop

Travelers from all over come to various vanlife festivals in Europe.

From Facebook to the festival.

Although a little obvious, Facebook is a reliable means of communication. On the community website of Vanlife Germany you will find links to different vanlife Facebook groups in twenty different cities all over Germany. Here you can find out when and where van meetings take place and who the respective organizers are. In addition, this year for the second time the community is organizing the multi-site “MMCV” festival, MMCV stands for “Meet More Camper Vans”. A great opportunity to talk to other vanlifers.

Some Festivals in Europe:

  • Bus Baslter Basecamp, Black Forest: Passionate drivers come together every year and proudly present their own converted and individually modified vans.
  • Dachzeltnomaden Festival, Stadtoldendorf: At the roof tent nomads festival, visitors install elaborate tent constructions on the roofs of their vans and thus create a living space for the four-day event. Unlike other festivals, some brands are also represented here.
  • CARAVAN SALON, Düsseldorf: A trade fair for camping, caravanning and of course van conversions.
  • Camper Van Summit Meeting (CVSM), Austria: This multi-day camping festival in Tyrol offers a wide selection of exciting workshops, lectures, sporting activities and social barbecues around the campfire. Some brand representatives are also present here.
  • Freiheitsmobile-Meet, Luxembourg: Located on a beautiful lake, near the tri-border area of Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, this meeting is attended by all those who like to travel in a mobile home.
  • Camp Quirky, England: The name says it all, plus workshops, technical talks, live music and many creatively converted vans can be found at the Camp Quirky Festival in England.

On the road with a mouse click.

Another possibility is to read the travel blogs of individual travelers. On MYVAN we regularly introduce van travelers with their own Internet presence, such as “The Road is our Home”. Even more stories from the vanlife cosmos can be found on or If you look generally for the search term or hashtag “Vanlife”, however, it can seem endless. It makes more sense to search for communities in specific countries and regions in order to learn more about the special features of the area and to network with people there.

A selection of Facebook vanlife communities, sorted by region:

Vanlifers do not bite.

Of course, vanlife fans can also meet by chance at music festivals, motor shows, car parks or service stations. No matter how you come across them, it is always important to dare to say hello. Vanlifers are a very open and friendly bunch, which is why the chances for an inspiring conversation are always high. Questions about the van are particularly suitable, because they always like to talk about their own home on four wheels!

Three Mercedes-Benz vans are parked on the beach

Exchange with other travelers is well worth it.

A young woman looking at her smartphone while operating her laptop

The Internet is full of inspiring travel blogs.

A parking lot full of campervans at a beautiful beach

Vanlifers, they’re a sociable bunch.

Photos: Go-Van; JF LefebvreSacha Roy; Jean-François Coulombe; Bruce Mars

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