With Hinturland in the Sprinter at Europe’s most remote places.

The Sprinter on its way through the Scottish countryside on the Isle of Skye

Whether at the Arctic circle or in the mountains: Hinturland heads off beaten track and fulfills their dream of freedom.

A slightly different kind of holiday.

Temperatures far below zero, snow as far as the eye can see: What for most people sounds like quite the opposite of a holiday is for Sophie and Reuben, from the travel blog Hinturland, the fulfillment of a dream. Their fascination for secluded and unspoiled places takes them along the Arctic circle through Finland, Sweden and Norway. Within three weeks, they covered almost 10,000 kilometers in their outfitted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Reuben makes a camp fire next to his Sprinter

Being on the road in the Sprinter makes it easy for Sophie and Reuben to make camp simply everywhere.

Far from civilization.

The claim of Sophie and Ruben: to find destinations away from the usual tourist routes. To do this they find inspiration in other travel blogs, through recommendations from friends or in nature magazines. "The impetus for our trip to the Arctic circle was a single photograph of cherry wood huts in Norway," says Sophie. But there is also a great deal to discover in their home country of Great Britain. "We love to explore the loneliness of the mountains here." With their blog Hinturland, where they talk about their travels, they also want to motivate others to move out of their comfort zone and leave the well-trodden path.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter driving in the nature

Being on the road in the Sprinter makes it easy for Sophie and Reuben to make camp simply everywhere.

No standstill.

The two bloggers, who are in their mid-twenties, have always been enthusiastic about traveling. Sophie has lived in Jamaica, Canada and Malawi before she found her current home in the north-east of England. Reuben has traveled some secluded corners of the earth, such as the Kenyan bush or the Himalayan mountains. In order to finance their travels, the two worked as adventure instructors for outdoor activities. They also enjoy climbing, biking and paddling in a canoe or kayak. "We simply have too much energy and enthusiasm to stand still."

We simply have too much energy and enthusiasm to stand still.

Sophie and Reuben on the summit of a Scottish mountain

Whether it's climbing or on the water, the bloggers Sophie and Reuben are happy to meet the challenges of nature.

Reliability at minus temperatures.

After having slept several times in the back of their estate car, Sophie and Reuben decided to buy a Sprinter in 2014 and to convert it into a mobile home for their travels. "We needed something with enough space to accommodate not only us, but also a kitchenette and our equipment," says the blogger. The Sprinter especially convinced the two with its reliability. The van demonstrated this on the journey to the far north. In spite of icy temperatures, snow storms and frozen roads, Sophie and Reuben did an average of 500 kilometers a day. "The engine started reliably every time and we have had no technical problems with the vehicle so far," recalls Sophie.

Mobile cosiness.

In the first six months after the purchase, Sophie and Reuben were still sleeping on a sofa bed in the cargo area: "We were much too excited to wait for a complete outfit." Meanwhile, their Sprinter has become cozier due to wooden panels, a folding bed and a small kitchen, "living in a van enables us to enjoy life to the full," says Sophie. "We can travel without worrying about accommodation, and can stay as long as we want."

The Sprinter driving down a snowy road in Sweden

For Sophie and Reuben, freedom means being able to drive and make camp where they want in their Sprinter.

On the look out for adventure.

Sophie’s and Reuben's goal is to be able to travel full-time and to inform and inspire their blog readers with the best tips and tricks for their own tours. In the meantime, they are already sizing up new travel destinations: After an acquaintance of the two returned with pictures of his motorcycle tour through Ireland, they were thrilled. Another aim of theirs is the Dolomites in Italy. But it is clear: For this couple a quiet holiday on the beach is definitely out of the question.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of the sunset

On the road in the Sprinter, wherever I park my van, that’s my home

Reuben and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of a snowy mountain panorama

On their travels Reuben and Sophie find enchanting panoramas.

The Sprinter on the Newlands Pass in England

For Sophie and Reuben the Sprinter represents the ideal van. The travel bloggers have already done lots of tours in the vehicle - as here on the Newlands Pass in England.

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Photos: Hinturland


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