The most famous Mercedes-Benz van conversions

To feel at home in the van the vehicle has to fulfill extensive requirements. High time to get creative when developing your van. The most famous Mercedes-Benz van conversions show you how it is done.

At home on the road

Many dream of traveling in their own van. Traveling in a van means freedom and flexibility. To always have everything you need. Just park your van at the most beautiful spot. Wake up in the morning at the place of your dreams. Open the doors, look at the ocean and watch the sunrise directly from your bed. In short, the opportunity to have the most incredible experiences in a mobile home. However, to ensure that the owner feels at home on the road, his personal requirements must be met. And these can be quite different depending on his needs.

A Tonke camper Sprinter in the workshop.

Tonke camper vans

Tonke camper vans are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van chassis and are stylish and durable.

Inside Sprinter Van Conversion.

This moving house

When Jack Richens rebuilt his Sprinter into a mobile home, he did not realize that his project would soon be making waves.

Sergei Boutenko in front of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sprinter 2500

The American YouTuber Sergei Boutenko makes films, writes books, gives talks – and travels the world in his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500.

A conversion into all-round talent

Whether you are a professional photographer who needs a lot of space and electricity for his equipment, a sportsman who needs room for surfboards or mountain bikes, or you just want to make a home away from home - transforming a van according to your own needs, gives you the possibility to turn your van into an all-round talent. How conversions are designed depends entirely on the owner: Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, or if you would rather hire a conversion professional - the main thing is that the result is individual, and that no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Montenegro, Vanlife

Passport Diary

The two bloggers from Passport Diary are planning a trip to Siberia with their orange Mercedes-Benz 407 D.

Converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 in the USA.

Traveling the US

Christian Adam converted his Sprinter into a comfortable home on four wheels.

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Down to the smallest detail

Numerous conversions show that once started, they usually end in careful detail work: whether self-sewn curtains, rustic wooden paneling, the creative use of different materials for interior design or functionality by using special features, such as a rail for a motor cross bike. These are the things that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Planning takes a lot of time. According to Kyle Toth, a passionate wood craftsman, who turned a Sprinter into a real piece of art, the greatest challenge from a craftsman's point of view is the balancing act between functionality and space saving. Every gap must be made useable. But the effort is always worth it, as our MYVAN stories show. And it is clear: no matter how many camper vans you encounter on the road - a converted Mercedes-Benz van is and remains an individual.

Sprinter T1N

He needs loneliness for his art, says Peter Kitchell. The American finds this isolation surrounded by nature. His converted Freightliner Sprinter T1N serves as his mobile home.



Kyle has been making furniture and art out of wood since his childhood. When a photographer asked him to outfit the interior of a Sprinter, he did not hesitate for a moment.

A converted Mercedes-Benz L 319

Mercedes-Benz L 319

When Nitja, Ralf and their three children set out on vacation, they are always accompanied by an “old man” named Elliot. This Mercedes-Benz L 319 is simply part of the family.

Conversion checklist

Number of seats

  • How many people regularly ride in the van?
  • Are there additional people?

Number of beds

  • How many people sleep regularly in the van?
  • Do you need additional beds for guests?
  • Do the beds have to be fixed or can they be converted?
  • Do you have small children? Can the beds be built even smaller?


  • Good insulation keeps the van warm in winter and cool in summer. This saves a lot of energy.

Storage space

  • Plan enough storage space.
  • If you have special hobbies, look for suitable storage space sizes: Do you need a long shelf for your skis, for example, or a long wardrobe for hanging clothes for the opera?


  • How large should the kitchen be? Do you cook yourself or do you prefer to go out for dinner?
  • Consider the size of the refrigerator, the need for a freezer compartment, the space for pots and pans as well as crockery and cutlery.
  • Do you need 2 or 4 flames for cooking?
  • Are there certain kitchen appliances that you cannot do without, and for which special connections must be installed?

Power requirements

  • Do you use electronic devices that require a lot of power?
  • Do you need 12V, 230V, a voltage transformer or even a generator?

Water requirements

  • Consider fresh water and waste water tanks or canisters, pumps and hoses, water faucets or a shut-off connection.


  • Consider a safe for valuables, or an alarm system.
  • Are you heating with gas and need a gas detector?
  • Do you need to install access aids?
  • Do you need to install safety systems for small children or pets?
  • Do your cabinets stay closed when driving?
  • Is all your luggage secured?


  • Are you heating with fuel or with gas?
  • Where do you want to position the ventilation holes?
  • Do you need heated water?


  • Where do you want windows? Do you need additional windows on the sides or a roof hatch?
  • Where do lamps have to be installed? Do you need special lighting (for example, a reading lamp on the bed)?
  • Do you prefer curtains or roller blinds?


  • What kind of hobbies do you have to consider in the planning stage? Do you need, for example, a bicycle carrier, a trailer coupling or a motorcycle holder?
  • Do you want to install an awning on the van

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Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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