The best van conversions of our Facebook users.

Two people are standing in front of a blue camper at the roadside

With these inspiring van conversions, their owners have made their dreams come true. We'll show you the top conversions of our Facebook contest and why they are so convincing.

1. Mobile home with feel-good character.

In this lovingly decorated Mercedes-Benz 508 D you can really feel at home. The cozy motorhome with its colorful accessories and many cushions convinced us with its irresistible charm. Kyle and Shannon have everything you need for a simple life: a small gas cooker on the built-in kitchenette, a sink, enough storage space for food and clothes. In addition, the bed integrated into the living room can also be used as a sofa. Kyle and Shannon quit their jobs to dive into an adventure. Together they are traveling through southern Africa and want to live their new life as minimally as possible. They document their journey on their blog.

You can see the inside of the van with a view of the kitchenette and many small furnishing details.

Photos on the shelf add a personal touch to the interior of the motorhome.

A cozy sofa corner with many cushions and a guitar placed on the shelf

In the cozy sofa corner with many cushions you feel comfortable on sunny and rainy days.

A detailed view of a gas stove with two hobs.

The gas cooker with two cooking surfaces is practical and can be stored in the cupboard when not in use.

2. Creative van with artistic details.

With high-quality wood finish and creative design eye-catchers, Joe and Emilie have created a special kind of van conversion. The wood paneling in the interior of the vehicle creates a rustic and cozy ambience. In addition, the lights mounted on the ceiling radiate warmth. The illustration engraved into the wood is particularly creative, giving the interior of the van an artistic touch.

A modern gas stove on a fold-out table that opens out of the van.

The kitchen system is so well designed that the stove can be placed on a fold-out table outside the van.

Interior design of the van with an illustration of a mountain landscape on the wooden wall

Artistic details on the wooden interior wall of the van.

A kitchen inside the Mercedes-Benz van with a view of a beautiful lake and mountain in the background

On the road you can observe breathtaking landscapes out of the window of the van.

Emilie enjoys the warm sunlight with her dog.

3. Cottage to-go.

Benedict calls his masterpiece “Fuchsbau”. As an architect, he has built a well-planned tiny wooden house. It is perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz 308 D, but can also be used alone. In the cleverly furnished 8 m2 interior, there is enough space for two people who can live in it for a longer period of time without any problems. Up to six people can sit at the generous table. If required, the seating area can even be transformed into a guest bed so that up to four people can sleep in it. As a specialist for energy-efficient houses, he took special care with his conversion project to use materials that minimize energy loss. It also uses solar energy to supply the campervan with electricity. All in all, a practical, well thought-out project!

A light-filled interior with a large wooden dining table

There is room for up to six people at the dining table in the spacious interior of the van.

A Mercedes-Benz van is parked at a campsite in the countryside

Benedikt can camp in the remotest places with his Mercedes-Benz conversion.

The owner in front of his van laughing

Benedikt converted his T1 into a tiny mobile house.

The view from a corner seat at the table looking into the living area.

Benedikt climbs up to the gallery bed with a wooden ladder.

4. Retro charm with multi-functional table.

Paco Arenas from Málaga, Spain has managed to transform his Mercedes-Benz N 1300 into a multifunctional campervan with retro charm by simple means. The table can be easily converted into a bed in just a few easy steps. The van is perfect for a relaxing trip by the sea. On the beach, Paco can sunbathe, enjoy the sea breeze and fall asleep in the evening in his cozy van to the sound of the sea.

The Mercedes-Benz N1300 with retro charm on the beach

Paco’s N1300 is a real eye-catcher with retro charm.

From the inside of the van, which is equipped with a mattress and curtains, you can look out over the sea through the open doors.

From the van you can look out over the sea and relax.

A bed in the back of the van with curtains for more privacy

The bed exactly fills the width of the van so two people can sleep in it comfortably. The curtains can be closed for more privacy.

From the inside of the van, which is equipped with a mattress and curtains, you can look out over the sea through the open doors.

From the van you can look out over the sea and relax.

5. Create lots of storage with little space.

In just 10 days Phil has made the perfect camper for traveling. Despite the limited room in the Vito, he used the space efficiently and built his own wooden shelves. We particularly liked the creative idea for the wardrobe. For this he stretched bungee cords, which he only has to push to the side to get to his clothes. However, they don’t fall off the shelf while driving.

The interior of the van, furnished with a bed and wooden wardrobes

A creative idea for a wardrobe: Phil has simply put bungee cords in front of the shelf so that the clothes are stowed away and don't fall out while driving.

The view inside the Vito from the side door

Pictures on the wall make the inside of the van cozy.

A self-built wooden shelf with boxes in the interior of the Vito

Phil's wooden shelves in the Mercedes-Benz Vito offer space for all his stuff.

A Vito at the coast, in the background blue sky and the sea

With the Vito, Phil can drive along the coastal roads and make a stop wherever he likes.

6. Rustic and cozy.

Jeremy’s van conversion is particularly pleasing with the interior paneling made of light wood. The comfortably converted Sprinter radiates warmth and coziness. The musical instruments on the walls are not only well positioned but they also give the van a personal touch. We also liked the skateboard decks, which are used as artwork on the wall.  At the age of 21, Jeremy decided to buy a Sprinter and build a life without paying rent.

Interior finishing with stickers on the wall and built-in cupboard with two folding doors

Cool stickers on the wall make Jeremy's Sprinter a skater pad.

Interior decoration of a van with musical instruments and skateboards on the wall, paneled with light-colored wood.

Bright wooden boards make Jeremys van conversion into a cozy little campervan. There is enough space for all his musical instruments.

The Sprinter parked on a meadow with an open sliding door. In front of it a man is resting against the van

In sunny weather, Jeremy prefers to spend time outdoors.

The view from the inside of the van overlooking the sea

The best place to live is directly by the sea. Jeremy can park his van anywhere, so he doesn't have to live in the same place all the time.

The conversions shown were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked byMercedes-Benz. The image does not constitute an assessment of the supplier and/or the conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Shannon Trotter, Joe Neiheisel, Benedikt Weigmann, Paco Arenas, Phil Nomado, Jeremy Mcguire


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