Nature experience with a downhill thrill.

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Whenever he has a spare minute, David Fackler drives his Mercedes-Benz Vito into the mountains to experience the thrill of downhill biking.

Bikes are everything for David Fackler. In both his hobby and his job. The passionate biker has ridden mountain bikes since his teenage years. “So why not work in the bike industry?” thought the trade retail and wholesale merchant and entered into the bicycle business. He is now on the road in his Mercedes-Benz Vito throughout all of southern Bavaria for his company, Cannondale. After he finishes work he sets off to race down the mountains. Downhill biking might look stirring but for him it is absolutely relaxing.

Watch David´s favourite biking trails throughout Europe:

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The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

Mercedes-Benz Vito
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