Rally Kick-Off in Paris.

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Finally it’s on: hot days in the car, frosty nights in the desert – all that counts is power. The gazelles’ respect for the tour into the unknown of the Sahara is pervasive. Anyway, Lina van de Mars keeps her mojo with her.

The countdown is running.

The mist around the Eiffel Tower dissolves slowly. From time to time around 150 rally vehicles arrive at the Trocadero. A lot of spectators and journalists are roaming over the place beside the gazelles. The tension among the drivers is obvious, nevertheless everyone is laughing and souvenir pictures are taken. But soon in the tropical heat it is all about being better than the others, even than the fellow teammates. When the rally squad starts off to Barcelona at 3 pm, there’s no way back. Now the aim is: rock on!


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