The good-sounding camping idea: QUQUQ in the Citan

Their latest project takes the music producers Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer to the Swabian Alb with the Mercedes-Benz Citan and a QUQUQ camping box.

One Night, One Song!

What does the Swabian Alb actually sound like? The music producer Christian Maile asked himself this question. A short time later he grabs his recording equipment, mixing desk & co. and drives to Bad Urach with the sound designer Frieder Maurer. They are both ready for the adventure: Composing a piece of music outdoors in one night!

The QUQUQ camping box for the Citan.

For spontaneous campers: The QUQUQ box

They are both on the road in the Mercedes-Benz Citan. Christian is impressed: "The vehicle is great! It has enough room for all of our equipment and we are perfectly prepared for our spontaneous project. We have also packed a QUQUQ camping box so we have everything from the bed to the gas cooker with us!" QUQUQ combines a bed with a comfortable cold foam mattress, a cooking drawer module with a 2- burner stove, 20 liters of fresh water, stainless steel bowls and storage space in one single box. The box is made of aluminium, waterproof plywood and stainless steel. Simply put QUQUQ in the trunk and the mini-motorhome is ready for the trip. For reasons of safety the QUQUQ box should be fixed with straps, for example by using the side handles.

The sound of the Swabian Alb

Once they arrive at a glade on the Swabian Alb the two multi-instrumentalists, who can play almost any instrument, set up their camp and begin recording the sounds. The twittering of birds, creaking branches, the Urach waterfall… They soon have the sounds of the Swabian Alb in their ears and as a recording. The time has come for the final mixing.

Back to nature in the Citan and the QuQuQ camping box.

A mobile music studio in the Citan

Yet when Christian opens the QUQUQ box he has another spontaneous idea. The sound of the kitchenette being pulled out can be perfectly integrated into the creative music concept. Said and done! The other features of the QUQUQ box are quickly tried out and many of them end up being recorded. Christian and Frieder stay up far into the night, sitting around the campfire where they combine their sounds to create an electronic music composition. Thanks to the practical QUQUQ box in the back of the Citan, Christian Maile's TONFALL music studio is at home in nature for one night and successfully completes the "One Night, One Song" challenge!

It is time for the "One Night, One Song" challenge in the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The QUQUQ fits perfectly into the Citan.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan as a Camping-Van with the QuQuQ box.

Working on the sounds demands concentration and an inspiring environment.

The final touches are put on the music track in the Citan just before bed.

Until far into the night: The track receives its final touches on the computer.

A piece of music about nature is created outdoors.

Campfire feeling when recording the electronic composition.

Thanks to the QUQUQ box the vehicle also has a mobile music studio on board.

Christian and Frieder feel comfortable in the spacious Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The QUQUQ box itself also provides sounds for the music composition.

Capturing nature for a unique music composition.

What does the Swabian Alb sound like? Frieder Maurer finds out.

Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer ready for the recording.

A gas cooker is also integrated into the QUQUQ box.

The QUQUQ box has everything on board: a bed, cooker, sink and storage space.

What does the Swabian Alb sound like? Frieder Maurer finds out.

The space miracle for expeditions and whenever large volumes have to be transported: The Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The compact camping module QUQUQ in the Citan is ideal for those who love free and spontaneous travelling, without the need purchasing a motorhome.

They head off to the Swabian Alb with the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer test the QUQUQ camping box.

TONFALL and the MYVAN filming

Christian Maile founded his own music production company TONFALL in 2014. Since then he has produced and composed for advertising films, image films, short films and feature films. He is often supported by the sound designer Frieder Maurer. They are both determined by the constant search for creative ideas to compose and produce music. Testing the QUQUQ in a Mercedes-Benz van is not the first enterprise involving both TONFALL and Mercedes-Benz. Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer composed the birthday sound for the “20 years Sprinter” birthday sound.


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