19. October 2017
With the Hymer motorhome through Scotland: The coast and its people premium
With the Hymer motorhome we drive to Scotland’s most beautiful islands – Tiree and Skye. There we meet William, a surfer, and Scott who works as a chef.
18. October 2017
With the Hymer motorhome across Scotland: the people of the mainland premium
Amid lakes, hills and large cities: With our Hymer motorhome we travel across the Scottish mainland and meet kilt designer Howie and photographer Ali.
17. October 2017
A road trip: Driving through the Scottish Highlands with a Hymer motorhome premium
Wild coasts and endless roads: There is no better way to explore Scotland than by taking a road trip – with a Hymer motorhome on a Sprinter chassis.
15. October 2017
By camping fans for camping fans – sharing with “Paul Camper” premium
The sharing service “Paul Camper” redefines camping. The founder, Dirk Fehse, talks about the secret of his success and what makes his start-up unique.
14. October 2017
Faces of Scotland: a road trip from Glasgow to the Killin Music Festival premium
We are Adrian, Noel, Linda and Marko – four friends travelling through Scotland. In the Hymer we make our way to Glasgow and experience the city by night.
1. October 2017
Vans & Drones – in the city of the future premium
The future of transport: the company Matternet and Mercedes-Benz Vans are developing logistics solutions for the city of the future as part of the cooperation project Vans & Drones.