20. June 2017
A touch of India on the streets of Barcelona – the food truck Masala73 premium
How do you bring the taste of India to the streets of Barcelona? With a Mercedes-Benz 406 D! The Masala73 combines Catalan passion with the aromas of India.
10. June 2017
The L 319 from a classic vehicle dealership is a real “Blue Wonder” premium
The third generation of the Hagenlocher family is dedicated to new and old Mercedes-Benz vehicles. A unique and now famous L 319 is a symbol of this passion.
22. May 2017
Brusco brings Lowbrow art to the streets of Barcelona premium
Hugo Jose Maria Corral describes himself as a craftsman. He paints signs, clothes and objects. One of his masterpieces is the Mercedes-Benz 406 D from Masala73.
15. May 2017
Expansion with Vito and Citan – a Chilean success story premium
It all began with a small booth in Puerto Montt. Today the Chilean mobile communications salesman supplies the entire south of the country using the Vito and Citan.
2. May 2017
An unmistakable food truck – the yellow burger Sprinter in Rio de Janeiro premium
The Carango Food Truck was one of the first of its type in Rio de Janeiro. The Sprinter proved a successful business investment for its owner, Leandro Braga.
24. April 2017
Most inspiring camper van conversions premium
An impressive range of conversion solutions for Mercedes-Benz vans: whether it's motorcycles, surfboards or a mobile bathroom - everything fits into these campers.