4. September 2017
A cathedral of good taste – premium hot dogs from the Mercedes-Benz 100 D premium
It was a crazy idea, now it is their job: the owners of "HOLY DOGS" have been doing their thing for three seasons treating Hamburg and the surrounding area with homemade organic hot dogs.
14. August 2017
A sandwich revolution on four wheels – GUBO from the MB 409 premium
As a designer, Szilveszter Büi has a good sense of aesthetics. The Mercedes-Benz 409 that he restored himself reflects this, as does his own specialty, the “GUBO”.
1. August 2017
A touch of India on the streets of Barcelona – the food truck Masala73 premium
How do you bring the taste of India to the streets of Barcelona? With a Mercedes-Benz 406 D! The Masala73 combines Catalan passion with the aromas of India.
9. July 2017
La Rika – Catalan specialities served by a N 1300 premium
Erika and Josep have always been fascinated with the idea of running a mobile food stand. When the married couple from Barcelona discovered the classic N 1300 it was love at first sight – and they converted it into their food truck “La Rika”.
10. June 2017
Finest seafood from Fuzhou – delivered in a white Vito premium
Meals are celebrated in China. Those who can afford it dine at fine restaurants such as the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou – or alternatively the food can be delivered by the Vito delivery service.
6. May 2017
Street food with imperial flair – Daily Deli from Vienna premium
Another burger food truck? Far from it! The Daily Deli creations are inspired by the imperial era. The specialties stand out with their creative names and great taste.