5 BBQ trends for the 2016 season

The Mercedes-Benz Vito outdoors and food grilling on a charcoal grill in front of it.

Summer is barbecue season – those who want more than just a normal barbecue on the balcony should keep these trends in mind.

The perfect summer day: a barbecue outdoors with the Vito

The sun is shining brightly, it is still 26 degrees in the shade in the evening and the scent of barbecued food is everywhere. A fine barbecue is the perfect end to a perfect summer day – at least in theory. But the barbecue can also become a stressful event, depending on how much space you have at home. A small balcony, a backyard cluttered with bicycles: so get away from it all and have a barbecue outdoors! Going out for a barbecue is no problem at all with a Mercedes-Benz van like the Vito. There is more than enough space in the luggage compartment for garden furniture, barbecue equipment and refreshing beverages. In addition, the following five trends for the 2016 barbecue season give you tips on how to add a little more variety to the popular barbecue evening.

1. Gas barbecues: practical and healthy

Fat dripping onto glowing coals releases carcinogenic substances. A gas barbecue can prevent this very easily. Other aspects also speak in favor of this alternative to charcoal: You can set and maintain the desired temperature for as long as you want at the press of a button. This saves time and is a lot less stressful. This type of barbecue may lack the typical wood aroma but passionate gas barbecuers can also enhance the aroma with wood chips available from specialist stores. This enables you to achieve classic barbecue flavors with a gas barbecue.

A plate with grilled meat and vegetables.

2. Portable barbecues: for maximum flexibility

Vegetables and meat grilling on a charcoal barbecue.

Barbecuing away from home sounds tempting but the barbecue itself also has to be portable. But choosing one is no problem: from the simple one-use barbecue to classic portable charcoal grills to extravagant gas barbecue variants with separate butane cartridges – you can find the right barbecue for every taste and budget. Naturally, there are also mobile electric barbecues. However, these still need a power source. This should offer everyone a way of having a barbecue wherever and whenever they like.

3. Grilled vegetables: adding a little color to the meal

More and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Yet grilled vegetables are also a tasty and healthy alternative to steak or classic sausages for meat eaters, as well. Whether on skewers or aluminum trays: aubergine, mushrooms and the like are generally quickly prepared and make the meal more colorful. Especially tasty: grilled green asparagus. Simply cut off the woody end of the asparagus and glaze the rest with a little olive oil. Then season the way you want and throw on the barbecue – asparagus has plenty of nutrients and makes a great side dish!

Zucchini and green asparagus barbecued alongside sausages and steak.

4. Smoked food: for a truly exceptional flavor

Barbecuing with friends.

Those who want to go one step further should purchase a smoker. Falling prices and the sophisticated technologies make smoking food increasingly easy and more popular for a broader target group. But smoking can also succeed with a simple kettle barbecue, a little skill and inventiveness. Anyone who has tried pulled pork spare ribs made this way knows: the unmistakable smoky flavor is worth investing a little time or money.

5. Pizza from the barbecue: home-made holiday feeling

The fifth and final trend combines two things that everyone loves: barbecuing and pizza. How? With a pizza stone. This useful accessory is already integrated into many modern barbecues and can also be purchased separately. Many pizza stones can be used on the barbecue and also in the oven. It is important to maintain a consistently high temperature, but not too high. Otherwise there is a risk of burning the pizza base. But it is not that complicated if you pay attention.

A table with sliced garlic bread, grilled green asparagus and various sauces.

If this has made you hungry then you should enjoy a barbecue evening outdoors as soon as possible: inspired by the top five trends for the 2016 barbecue season.

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