Ice-cold temptation: the Sprinter from Woop Woop Icecream

Ice cream dreams made of liquid nitrogen

“Charlie‘s Beach”, located near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin: Fog crawls over the edge of the copper bowl standing on the counter in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A whirring Kitchen Aid mixes milk, cream and fruit in a bowl while liquid nitrogen is added, bringing the temperature down to a chilling -196°C. At this temperature the gas changes its state from gaseous to liquid. The result is impressive: surrounded by the gaseous vapor in this flavorsome mixing bowl, the fresh ingredients transform into a tasty ice cream mixture in a matter of seconds. While the contents of the bowl freeze into ice, the van is a hive of activity. Strawberries are cut, blackberries are washed and peanut butter prepared for the next batch of ice cream. One look at the queue outside Woop Woop Icecream’s food truck shows: Here is something special for ice cream lovers and those with a sweet tooth – time to join the queue: first come, first taste …

Whirring Kitchen Aid of Woop Woop Icecream

The very freshest!

Alongside the innovative flavors, the secret of Woop Woop Icecream is the fresh and rapid preparation. Caution is absolutely essential. Because of the extremely low temperatures not only the strawberries and bananas freeze in a matter of seconds but theoretically careless fingers as well… However, Boris König and Philipp Niegisch, the founders of Woop Woop Icecream, have everything under control on-board their colorful Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This was formerly a DHL van with a Kögel body. The idea for the tasty shock-frozen ice cream came from the physicist, Boris König, who modified and moved the liquid nitrogen system from the physics laboratory to the van. Since then Berlin is one unique speciality richer. To the joy of the ice cream-hungry customers.

Boris König and Philipp Niegisch are the founders of Woop Woop Icecream.

Good mood – sweet temptations

Good mood is part of the innovative ice cream truck’s business model: “In contrast to restaurants or a Currywurst stall, all of our customers are in a good mood. They infect us with the way they eagerly anticipate the sweet temptations and automatically makes us smile.” Boris continues as he passes two sundaes across the counter: “Berlin is a very lively and exciting city. There are so many fantastic locations here. Many people crave new experiences and are always looking for something new and exciting. This perfectly matches our concept. Despite the sweet ice cream, running a food truck is not all sweetness and light. There is always work to be done: we constantly have to try out new recipes, sell and produce ice cream, refill the liquid nitrogen and always have to focus on developing our system’s technology.”

Whitedinner with the Startup Woop Woop Icecream.

From mincemeat ice cream to pumpkin-nougat

There seem to be no limits to the creativity on board Woop Woop Icecream’s Sprinter: they mix what they like. That is why a traditional ice cream parlor’s menu pales in comparison to what Woop Woop Icecream has to offer: such as low-fat yoghurt ice cream or blackberry-poppy seed. People queueing outside Woop Woop Icecream’s food truck want to try something new. The classic ice creams such as stracciatella, vanilla or chocolate are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the menu features flavors such as chocolate with brownie chunks, rice pudding-blueberry-cinnamon, pumpkin-nougat or dark chocolate-whiskey. But these creations are by no means the limit when it comes to exotic ice cream. The friendly guys from Woop Woop Icecream recently appeared on the German comedy show “TV Total” where they served up “mincemeat ice cream”.

Icecream made with liquid nitrogen of Woop Woop Icecream.

How does it taste?

Perhaps the best ice cream now comes from Germany rather than Italy? Or perhaps the USA? The answer to that question will always remain a matter of taste. But one thing is certain: It is definitely the most creative and very tasty! The fog is now dissipated from around the ice cream bowl. The sun goes down over “Charlie’s Beach”. We say goodbye to Philipp and Boris and the colorful ice cream Sprinter – But we already know: We will be back soon for another tasty ice cream. Perhaps for dark chocolate-whiskey?

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