Cappuccino-to-drive: the McCafé Sprinter

The McCafé Sprinter with open side.

The world’s first mobile McCafé is installed in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and travels throughout New Zealand in summer.

Roasted beans and hot coffee

When the decision was made to create a mobile McCafé, the Sprinter was the first choice for the vehicle. According to Sophie Wardrop, Senior Brand Manager at McDonald’s New Zealand, the Sprinter’s uncompromising quality was one of the key criteria for the decision to use a Mercedes-Benz van as the basis for the exceptional food truck.

The interior of the McCafé body.

The high standard of quality is a characteristic of every McCafé branch: from professional baristas to high quality coffee beans and modern machines. That is why using the Sprinter 516 flatbed with a long wheelbase as the platform was a logical decision.

The Sprinter is a versatile platform

The Sprinter’s versatility and adaptability were other important criteria behind the decision. Mike Nicklin from Frontier Motorhomes NZ, the company responsible for the conversion, enjoys working with the Mercedes-Benz van.

“It is not easy to find the right van for every requirement. But when you combine the quality of the Sprinter with our expertise, then almost anything is possible. The vehicle’s versatility is the reason why we were able to modify it to meet the requirements of McCafé so perfectly. The flat chassis makes fitting bodies child’s play”, emphasizes Mike.

Front view over the McCafé Sprinter.

On tour through New Zealand

This summer the McCafé Sprinter starts its first tour through New Zealand and will stop at numerous locations and festivals. Sophie Wardrop can barely conceal her excitement:

At McDonald’s we are pleased to be able to use a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for our first mobile McCafé.

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