Vintage van: the L 319 food truck from

The Mercedes-Benz L 319 s the heart of

Christoph Kilz revives the charm of a bygone era with his Mercedes-Benz food truck from the 1960s. Yet the mayonnaise is still also vegan.

A nostalgic journey through time with four hotdog variants

At first glance only one thing reminds us that we are in the present: the “.de” suffix at the end of the name of the food truck. Otherwise: good old times. The endless range of choices that makes modern life so difficult has been reduced to the essentials here: four different variants of hot dogs. Only truly extravagant customers also order French fries or Currywurst. And it would seem perfectly normal if the cook behind the bar also called us “Honey” and talked about the moon landing on television.

The black and brown classic Mercedes-Benz L 319 presents a vision of America from the 1960s: A nostalgic sign announces “We are open” and the blackboard offers an honest selection of foods: Classic Dog, Cheese Dog, Hotter Dog, Big Dog. also serves the classics with a modern style: with vegan mayonnaise, for example.

Two hundred hotdogs per hour

“Naturally, the truck is an eye catcher”, says Christoph Kilz happily. He founded the catering company Food GmbH in Leipzig in 2014. He also owns other food trucks. “However, the Mercedes-Benz L 319 is the heart of We have equipped it with a complete kitchen including an oven, cooling modules, bain marie and much more.” The food truck can serve up to 200 hotdogs per hour. Its mobility is a major advantage for the catering company: In addition to Leipzig and Berlin, the classic van also travels to many cities in eastern Germany – for a lunchtime snack or unique catering at private parties, markets and town festivals. A 30 minute set-up time, a 16 amp plug and a water connection are all that it needs to start the journey through time.

Vegan mayonnaise and modern to-go cups

A second glance reveals that the truck not only revives the swinging 60s but is also very much a modern vehicle. Vegan mayonnaise is available upon request (a closely guarded secret of The coffee is available in modern to-go cups. The French fries are handmade from sweet potatoes purchased from local farmers throughout the region. Only the tasty sausage in a bun remains timeless. The perfect snack, then and now. And even today you can still talk about the moon landing.


In over 100 years the transporter has undergone rapid developments and was always directed to meet the needs of users: from the first pick-up to the Sprinter, Vito and Citan.

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Grey Mercedes-Benz L 319.

Profile of the Mercedes-Benz L 319

The Mercedes-Benz L 319 is a classic van from 1966. It had three previous owners before it came to in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz L319
Power output: 40 kW
Lenght: 5.80 m
Width: 2.40 m
Height: 3.20 m
Power requirement: 400 V, 16 A
Set-up time: 30 min Food GmbH
Leipzig | Germany