Mercedes-Benz N 1300: coffee and van – a love story

Gonçalo Cardoso has fallen in love with a real rarity from 1975 and sworn to remain faithful to her.

The Mercedes-Benz N 1300 is one of the rarest vans in the world

The N 1300 was only in production for a couple of years, meaning there are very few of them left. Gonçalo’s van comes from the Vitoria factory in northern Spain and is a true gem! It’s basically a repurposed DKW Schnellaster – a vehicle which was only completed when Daimler AG acquired the factory and gave it its star and an OM615 engine. With his own hands, Cardoso has lovingly transformed his van into a stylish coffee truck and made the unmistakeable appearance of the N 1300 his trademark. Since then, the two have been driving through Porto under their ‘Combi Coffee’ banner.


In 2013 Francisco, Gonçalo and Joao came up with the idea of starting a mobile café. They promptly converted a Mercedes-Benz N 1300 into “Combi Coffee”. Since 2015, the trio has been treating Porto’s coffee enthusiasts to excellent coffee.

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Mercedes-Benz N 1300 Combi Coffee at the beach

Combi Coffee
Porto | Portugal