17. January 2017
MY JOB MY VAN: the ZAGRO Road-rail Sprinter for Strukton premium
Reliable at 2,500 degrees. With Thermit and steel craftsmanship Strukton Rail’s road-rail Sprinter keeps the train service running.
10. December 2016
MY JOB MY VAN: mobile CLASS workshop for agricultural machinery premium
Help needs to come quickly if a piece of CLAAS agricultural machinery breaks down… Martin Brodmann and his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dash to the rescue.
24. November 2016
Great moves: The Sprinter 516 CDI provides the best of both worlds premium
The best of both worlds: The converted Sprinter 516 CDI is at home on the road and the rails – where it helps get derailed trains back on track.
10. August 2016
How to build a house in 19 months premium
Manny Neves from Hardcore Renos presents his mammoth project: building a complete house in 19 months. The Sprinter is the perfect toolbox here.
8. August 2016
A van with depth: the Sprinter 4×4 as a mobile measuring station premium
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter belonging to the geologist Walter Beck contains all of the equipment he needs to assess the quality of wells – down to a depth of 600 meters.
27. June 2016
Real off-road beast: the Sprinter 6×6 premium
What looks like a typical pick-up with a third axle at first glance, reveals itself to be a true powerhouse both on road and off-road after a closer look.