The very top of its class

Concrete innovation

Schlering is one of the leading companies for resource-saving building services in Germany’s Münsterland and also numbers among the region’s largest employers, with 65 employees. In 2011 Schlering won one of the most important innovation prizes for its energy-saving passive house. Just one of the highlights of the company’s exceptional history.

Starting with momentum

Germany at the turn of the century. United by Bismarck in 1871, the German Empire under the young Wilhelm II is searching for its identity. A developing nation. Industry and trade drive the rapid transformation. The nation is among the world leaders in the iron and steel industry along with the development of new technologies such as chemicals, electrical technology and the automotive sector. This rapid progress extends out into the rural regions. Such as in Münsterland, near the border to the Netherlands. In what is now the village of Drensteinfurt-Rinkenrode – which still only has around 4000 inhabitants – Gottfried Schlering goes independent with a small blacksmith and fitters shop. Schlering specializes in horseshoes and still works the old way with a hammer and anvil.

Success through adaptation

The world has changed a lot since then. Yet Schlering still exists. Over the generations the company has repeatedly succeeded in cleverly adapting to technical and social trends and changes. When the engine replaced the horse, the company specialized in repairing agricultural machinery. After the war it began installing modern oven heaters and transformed from a blacksmith to a classic building services company. Every generation the company has been carefully handed down from father to son. Hermann Schlering has run the company since 1973. His son, Oliver, will soon take over. In 2010 he became the Managing Director. He was one of the first to react to the energy transition and the customers’ increasing environmental consciousness. Thanks to the benefit of his experience, Schlering’s customers now include major clinics and research facilities.

The Sprinter is fitted with shelves perfectly designed for the tools

Fleet efficiency

Schlering’s philosophy is also reflected by its vehicle fleet. Schlering uses the Sprinter  as a construction site vehicle, fitted with shelves perfectly designed for the tools and working materials. Always keeping up with the times. Protecting the environment and reducing costs for the best-possible efficiency. The Schlerings embody exactly what they promise their customers.