28. March 2017
A colorful companion – the Sprinter as a mobile art studio premium
Christopher Lehmpfuhl's 4x4 Sprinter helps him as the connection between the idea and the work of art. The artist drives his Sprinter to the most unusual places and paints them - with his mere hands.
18. March 2017
Thermondo – a small company with a huge vision is revolutionizing private heating premium
Thermondo develops efficient heating technologies that drive the energy transformation. The start-up company from Berlin relies on algorithms and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
24. October 2016
Sprinter on the outside – Walnut on the inside premium
Kyle Toth has been making furniture and art out of wood since his childhood. When a photographer asked him to outfit the interior of a Sprinter, he did not hesitate for a moment.
20. August 2016
Color explosion: the Sprinter as a piece of art premium
For the 20th anniversary of the Sprinter, the British artist Ian Cook created a series of 36 unique artworks.
29. May 2016
Craftsmanship: signwriting premium
Painting company signs and advertising has a long tradition in Ireland. The sign writer Colm O'Connor lives the old trade – and does not want to be an artist.
10. May 2016
Wooden canoes from Gull Lake Boat Works: craft meets passion premium
Zero percent off-the-shelf. One hundred percent wood and passion: Manufacturing a canoe at Gull Lake Boat Works involves hours and hours of loving manual labor.
16. February 2016
The passion for chainsaw carving premium
A passionate carver, a poplar trunk and a set of chainsaws. Or how to create something truly unique with this unusual combination.
12. February 2016
Fighting avalanches: protecting the mountain environment with the Vito 4×4 premium
The Austrian Alpine Association works to protect the sensitive environment with its alpine forest protection program. Mercedes-Benz Vans Austria supports the project with all-wheel drive Vito.
11. February 2016
The perfect handmade ski premium
Tradition and tradecraft instead of plastic and mass production. The 28-year-old Sebastian Strobl from Tyrol makes skis from stone pine. Successfully: his "ZiarmRocker" are coveted one-of-a-kind skis.
2. February 2016
How the legendary Bruichladdich Whisky is made premium
On the road in the Mercedes-Benz Vito on the Scottish island of Islay: The whisky legend Jim McEwan distills the "water of life" in Bruichladdich.
24. January 2016
Hollister’s Motorcycles: A dream of chrome and steel premium
At the end of the 1980s, Volker Sichler founded Germany's first motorcycle manufactory in the idyllic Black Forest. Hollister’s Motorcycles has gone on to become an absolute insider tip among motorbike enthusiasts all over the world.
20. January 2016
Onward and upward ‒ Blue Forest builds luxury treehouses premium
Blue Forest, a company with a visionary motto: "If you can dream it, we can build it." For 13 years the English company has been building high-priced treehouses for its wealthy clientele.