14. August 2017
Sea to take away – the Mercedes-Benz 508 D as a seafood truck premium
Jean sur Mer supply events and festivals with fresh fish delicacies. With the Mercedes-Benz 508 D, they bring the sea directly to their customers.
11. August 2017
A colorful companion – the Sprinter as a mobile art studio premium
Christopher Lehmpfuhl's 4x4 Sprinter helps him as the connection between the idea and the work of art. The artist drives his Sprinter to the most unusual places and paints them - with his mere hands.
21. July 2017
De Troyer – Fresh fish from the Sprinter premium
De Troyer from Belgium stands for first class fish and gourmet food. The company needs just the right vehicle to ensure that the goods are delivered fresh to customers: the Sprinter.
14. July 2017
Royal fish meets the van with the star premium
Schmidt Zeevis trusts in fish with the crown as a seal of quality, and in vans with the star.
8. July 2017
Across the moor to the honey: Bee keepers in the Unimog premium
Woldgate Honey’s bee keepers harvest the honey on the English moor. When work takes them off-road, they can trust their loyal companion: the Unimog 4023.
22. May 2017
Brusco brings Lowbrow art to the streets of Barcelona premium
Hugo Jose Maria Corral describes himself as a craftsman. He paints signs, clothes and objects. One of his masterpieces is the Mercedes-Benz 406 D from Masala73.