28. November 2017
Did Santa Claus get lost out there? premium
Doing a donut drift on ice is just as thrilling as flying a reindeer sleigh. Santa Claus is enjoying this driving experience so much that he might miss Christmas this year…
26. October 2017
Heroes of clean laundry: Jonny Fresh and the Citan premium
The Berlin start-up Jonny Fresh picks up dirty laundry at home and delivers it cleanly with the Mercedes-Benz Citan - within 48 hours.
15. October 2017
By camping fans for camping fans – sharing with “Paul Camper” premium
The sharing service “Paul Camper” redefines camping. The founder, Dirk Fehse, talks about the secret of his success and what makes his start-up unique.
7. October 2017
Innovative spirit on four wheels – the 811 D as mobile makerspace premium
As a mobile innovation lab, the 811D is on the road to events and conferences to spread the vision of global collaboration.
1. October 2017
Vans & Drones – in the city of the future premium
The future of transport: the company Matternet and Mercedes-Benz Vans are developing logistics solutions for the city of the future as part of the cooperation project Vans & Drones.
23. September 2017
yeply — a two-wheeler dealer on four wheels premium
Many people have a bike at home but are too busy to keep it in shape. This is what Antti and Tommi from yeply have found out. Therefore, they take the Sprinter directly to their customers’ homes – and repair their bikes on the spot.