5. February 2018
what3words – three words will navigate you into the future. premium
Mobility with what3words is as easy as this: you get into your vehicle, say a combination of words – and will be navigated to the desired destination with greater precision than by means of any street address or GPS-coordinate.
15. January 2018
The best business ideas for your van premium
A lot of people dream of having their own business in a van. With this list of really exciting ideas, your creativity will know no bounds. No matter what type - they can all be realized!
22. December 2017
Ice-cold drinks – whenever you want: kukki Cocktails warming the cockles of your heart premium
This is a love story. A story of kukki Cocktails and of the founders, Sepp, Saif and Andreas. And of Bernd and his baby: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
28. November 2017
Did Santa Claus get lost out there? premium
Doing a donut drift on ice is just as thrilling as flying a reindeer sleigh. Santa Claus is enjoying this driving experience so much that he might miss Christmas this year…
26. October 2017
Heroes of clean laundry: Jonny Fresh and the Citan premium
The Berlin start-up Jonny Fresh picks up dirty laundry at home and delivers it cleanly with the Mercedes-Benz Citan - within 48 hours.
15. October 2017
By camping fans for camping fans – sharing with “Paul Camper” premium
The sharing service “Paul Camper” redefines camping. The founder, Dirk Fehse, talks about the secret of his success and what makes his start-up unique.