21. June 2017
Most famous Mercedes-Benz food trucks premium
Everybody knows food trucks, but only few know the history behind them and the entrepreneurial possibilities they offer.
15. May 2017
Expansion with Vito and Citan – a Chilean success story premium
It all began with a small booth in Puerto Montt. Today the Chilean mobile communications salesman supplies the entire south of the country using the Vito and Citan.
9. May 2017
Odin riding a Sprinter: police operation on the Faroe Islands premium
It's quite something to be a policeman on the Faroe Islands. Why? Spend a day with us in the Sprinter 316 CDI and out in Police Inspector Heri Andreassen's speedboat.
29. April 2017
Cash in the Sprinter: keeping the bank mobile premium
Transport action: a Spanish company sends the Sprinter 519 CDI on a long trip through many small villages. So what's all this got to do with Christopher Columbus?
10. April 2017
Music and employees – on the road in Argentina with the Vito premium
He transports musicians, managers – or his own employees. The entrepreneurial Marcelo Marzano from Argentina relies on a locally produced Mercedes-Benz Vito.
4. April 2017
How to prepare your van for spring premium
Get plenty of hints and tips for making your van ready for the spring, including how to check your tyres. Oh… and did you know what DoT stands for?