Animals in need: a case for the Sprinter

Animal Rescue Munich Mercedes-Benz Sprinter on a field with helpers.

The Animal Rescue Munich response to around 5,000 calls every year with its Mercedes-Benz vans.

Glass splinters, accidents or heart problems – they all demand urgent help

A glass splinter in a paw, a traffic accident, a heart problem – dogs, cats and other pets also suffer the same misfortunes. Rapid help is also essential for them. Fortunately, Munich has the Animal Rescue – and it is there to treat the animal patients in emergencies. The nine veterinary surgeons and 14 assistants have their hands full. They respond to around 5,000 call-outs per year. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – the animal rescuers are always on call. The Animal Rescue Munich relies on a Mercedes-Benz Vito and three Sprinter to provide rapid aid on location. “We chose the Sprinter because of its practicality and flexible conversion options. Experience in human rescue services with these models also played a major role”, says the visionary surgeon Patrick Wagmeister, explaining the decision to choose the vehicles with the star.

Side view of an Animal Rescue Munich Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Safe transport and the best possible care

The managers and the team from Animal Rescue Munich ensure that the rescue vehicles are adequately equipped thanks to their extensive expertise and love of animals. The body manufacturer Binz – otherwise a specialist for vehicles in the human medicine sector – modified the Sprinter and Vito to meet the needs of veterinary medicine. This guarantees safe transport and the best possible care for the animal patients. Ensuring that cat, dog & co. are back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Helpers from Animal Rescue Munich and a dog at the back of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.


The body manufacturer Wag’n Tails has made Dr. Venkat Kuncharapu’s dream of a mobile veterinary practice a reality.

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Animal Rescue Munich: overview

Animal Rescue Munich was founded in 2001 and has helped with emergencies ever since. Why it was founded: the dog “Morle” with its chronic gastrointestinal illness. The owner, Dr. Evelyne Menges, discovered that there was a shortage of veterinary surgeons available for acute emergencies. She founded Animal Rescue Munich so that animal owners and their pets are guaranteed care at night and at the weekend. Impossible without helpers: the team currently consists of nine veterinary surgeons and 14 assistants. They also need extensive support – around 4,000 members help with the animal rescue work. The animal rescue relies on Mercedes-Benz: the fleet includes one Vito and three Sprinter. The very first Sprinter was retired from the Animal Rescue Munich with 200,000 kilometers on the clock and now supports the animal rescue in Berlin.

Animal Rescue Munich
Munich | Germany

Photos: Animal Rescue Munich

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