Clean pipes – the Mercedes-Benz 816 D as a problem solver

Two men load the 816 D via the sliding door on the side.

Whether blocked or broken pipes, the Mercedes-Benz 816 D from BUG Rohrreinigung has plenty of space for every tool.

Mercedes-Benz 816 D – the mobile toolbox

When the Mercedes-Benz Vario was launched in 1996, it would go on to gain cult status thanks to its versatility. The angular, linear van has shaped the concept of the “modular principle” like no other. 60 different factory-fitted designs were available. Speaking of the modular principle: going up the three small steps into the 816 D from the pipe cleaning company BUG gives the idea of modularity a whole new meaning. Steel cladding on the walls, LEDs on the roof and the long workbench together with an awning at the rear. The van is a mobile workshop.

Mercedes-Benz 816 D with the rear doors open and the awning extended.

“The 816 D has space for every tool”

The two men from the repair team are lowering a probe into a pipe. A small monitor displays what the tiny camera sees as it winds its way through the pipe. The two experts appear to have found the problem: a leak. On the more than 4.90 meter long flatbed of the 816 D, they mix a special resin to seal the pipe.

An employee carrying out a TV inspection.

In our job, you have to be prepared for everything because you never know what the problem will be. The Mercedes-Benz 816 D has enough space for every tool.

Truck or van? The Mercedes-Benz Vario makes no compromises

The mixture of truck and van is parked in the driveway like a ship container. Merging two different vehicle classes provided a lot of valuable lessons. The Vario and its predecessor, the T2, contributed to making the future van and truck series with the star even more uncompromising and versatile, making them an important element in the DNA of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. Production of the Vario ceased at the end of 2013. In view of Mercedes-Benz’s demanding environmental standards and the new EU weight classes for drivers’ licenses, the series no longer had a future. At BUG, the converted Mercedes-Benz 816 D has found its calling as a mobile workshop, saving the need to make additional trips back to the company’s headquarters.


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In their Mercedes-Benz Vario the Burrito Bande turns the catering scene on its head.

The Mercedes 816 D: the fleet favorite

At the end of the 1980s, the brothers Bernd, Ulrich and Günther Haas, or BUG for short, conquered Stuttgart’s underground pipe network. Since then, the family-owned company has grown into a mid-sized operation even capable of handling jobs outside of Germany. In 2008, BUG became one of the first certified specialist companies for pipe, drain and industrial service. The employees value the family-like working environment, especially because their call-outs are often cramped, wet and smell unpleasant. The company’s range of services has continually expanded over the years. Today, the company relies on state-of-the-art technologies and aims to provide its employees with the best tools. Thanks to all of its reels, rolls, hoses, hooks and the large working area, the Mercedes-Benz 816 D is the fleet favorite.

BUG Rohrreinigung GmbH
Stuttgart | Germany

Photos: MYVAN