I’ll bet… everything fits inside a Sprinter!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter standing on an empty parking lot.

The Sprinter 316 CDI is known for its spaciousness. In the series „Does it fit inside“ we are testing the van under everyday-life conditions.

A jungle to go

What fits into 10,5 m³ and weighs a maximum of 1.425 kg? The loading capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI offers space for many possibilities. In this episode of the „Does it fit inside“ series we tried to transport loads of plants for a greenhouse – thus for a small jungle. Palms, ferns, small and big plants, everything had to come along. Did the Jupiter-red Sprinter succeed?

Children’s birthday on the Sprinter loading space

The plants have had enough space in the Sprinter 316 CDI. But would the Sprinter be able to handle the next challenge? This time we tried to inflate a bouncy castle in the loading space of the Jupiter-red Sprinter. Find out in the video, if it worked!


The helper for every case – and any time of day. A look inside the red Sprinter 316 CDI shows what makes the panel van a day-to-day hero.

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Disco in a Sprinter

The next party is just around the corner, but nobody knows where to celebrate? We’ve got an idea! In this episode of the „Does it fit inside“ series we tried to organize a party inside of the transporter. Can the Sprinter 316 CDI serve as club location? Convince yourself!

Spacious house moving helper

In this video the transporter was helping with the move. Putting some boxes inside the van shouldn’t be a problem, but is it possible to transport the whole interior furniture? Apart from an electronic piano, pieces of furniture, cupboards and numerous boxes need to be safely stored away. Will the Sprinter manage to do that?

Grey Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in a hangar

As the largest member of the Mercedes-Benz Vans family, the Sprinter has been leading the way since 1995. It’s features are continuously further developed to stay on top of the competition.